Transforming lives

Transform the lives of disadvantaged people in the UK through digital technology.


We believe that digital technology can make life better for everyone. We’re starting with a focus on using digital technology to improve the lives of disabled people. In the UK, disabled people are one of the most disadvantaged groups in society and digital technology can be transformational to them; providing a voice, enabling people to live independently and unlocking access to education and work.

Working towards our goal will help us tackle some of the biggest challenges that prevent people from accessing and getting the best from the web. We’ll do this through our partnership with disability charity Scope - by delivering brilliant digital ideas, powered by technology and driven by people, to wherever they’re needed most. Together, we will transform the lives of thousands of disabled people and their families through the development of national projects and campaigns that have technology at their heart.

Here are our performance highlights for 2016, the second year of our 2020 Transforming lives goal. If you are looking for information on what we’re focusing on for the remaining three years of the goal, take a look at our Goals roadmap.


Performance against our goal sub targets in 2016

Connect Families

2016 target - Support 250 families through digitally connecting parents of disabled children between July 2015 and July 2017.

How we did – After creating the online Connect Families service in 2015, funded by part of Virgin Media’s £1m corporate donation, we’ve supported 36 disabled people and their families in 2016 through the service. This is a new pilot that’s taken time to set up and work continues until July 2017. 

End the Awkward

2016 target - Deliver the 2016 End the Awkward campaign with increased impact. 

How we did Scope’s 2016 End the Awkward campaign generated 1.4bn opportunities to see versus 102 million in 2015. In addition to funding the campaign, we communicated it across our channels. The campaign ran alongside the Paralympics which also increased its impact.  

Assistive technology

2016 target - Provide 1,500 disabled people and their families with access to assistive technology between July 2015 and July 2017.

How we did – In 2016, using part of our £1m corporate donation to Scope, we supported 705 disabled people and their families. That’s in addition to the 216 disabled people and their families we supported between July and Dec 2015. Work continues until July 2017.