Our approach



In true Virgin style, we were one of the first businesses to stop producing hardcopy sustainability reports, back in 2010, and we’ve tried to keep an innovative digital approach to reporting ever since. 

Our approach to reporting

Back in 2010, we were one of the first businesses to stop producing hardcopy sustainability reports and publish all of our sustainability information online. Our primary audience for our report are our people and our customers and we know that they’re looking for engaging, digestible and accessible formats. Not to mention that we are a digital business, so communicating through digital channels is our thing.

Every year we look to evolve the approach we take to communicating our performance update to make sure it's relevant to our stakeholders. This year our goal is to reach even more employees and customers with our performance update – that’s why we’ve embraced a social media inspired way to tell our sustainability story. This approach has seen us ditch the traditional, dull report again, and embrace the latest digital, sharable story telling techniques – after all we think we've got a story worth sharing and we know the best way to engage people is to take our story to them in a way that's relevant, fun and true to the Virgin Media brand.

In addition, this year we’ve also improved the navigation of our reporting website to make it easier to find the things that matter most, like our performance data and information on accessibility.  We’ve also redesigned our downloadable PDFs - for people who need our info on the go or for the experts who like to review our data on one page.

In October 2015, UPC Ireland, another Liberty Global company, was rebranded as Virgin Media which means that this year Ireland’s 2016 carbon and waste performance tables are included in our performance section under Resources. Our goals, except our Transforming lives goal with Scope, are designed to include Virgin Media Ireland so in 2017 we’ll be working to further embed the goals into our Irish operations, with the aim to include them across all our 2017 reporting next year. 

Find exactly what you’re looking for

If you’re looking for performance data for areas like carbon emissions, waste and recycling, or even the diversity of our workforce, you’ll find this in the content we publish about our performance against our five sustainability goals.

You can also join the conversation on Twitter using #VMSust, where you’ll find regular news and views from people at Virgin Media. We’re striving to have an ongoing, open and honest conversation on how we’re becoming a more sustainable business.

We think we're on to something with our approach, but we'd love to hear what you think. Please get in touch by sending us an email or tweet using #VMSust or @VirginMediaCorp.


Verifying and assuring our data

When it comes to reporting our sustainability performance, we follow the reporting principles in the Global Reporting Initiative's Framework. These include things like stakeholder inclusiveness, timeliness and clarity. We’ve also been reporting our environmental impacts and the actions we’re taking to reduce them to CDP since 2008. Since 2015, Virgin Media’s environmental data has been included in Liberty Global’s group level submission to CDP for which we achieved a score of A- and leadership index status in 2016.

We follow a strictly controlled process for data collection and all of our quantitative data is verified by Liberty Global, our parent company, as well as being included in its annual Corporate Responsibility Report. In 2016 Liberty Global commissioned KPMG, an external accounting firm, to perform limited assurance on its energy consumption and Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions data. Virgin Media was included as part of this global assurance process. For full details on KPMG’s limited assurance opinion, please click here.

All data on our performance pages cover the period from 1 January to 31 December 2016, unless we’ve stated otherwise. We also use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol operational control approach to establish the organisational boundaries for our environmental data. This means we include operations where we have the full authority to introduce and implement operating policies.

For more information on our environmental reporting, please see Liberty Global’s full ‘Environmental Reporting Criteria’.


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