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Preview: ExtantWednesday 13th January at 9pm on Syfy (165)



Defying the critics, Halle Berry is back as Molly Woods, the astronaut who returned to Earth with an almighty bump, while Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins the cast as her new pal.

In a nutshell

Extant is a funny one. Not funny ha-ha – it’s a defiantly sober slice of sci-fi – but funny peculiar, in that it somehow manages to be both naff and gripping at the same time. Many cynics snubbed the first season, but there’s no denying it’s a juicily complex show, a hybrid of the X-Files, AI, Outbreak and lots of other things. Halle Berry is rather good as the astronaut who fell mysteriously pregnant during a trip in space, and she carries the thing during its dodgier, messier moments.

The new run promises to be an improvement at any rate. It’s throwing a bit of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest into the mix, what with Halle’s character being cooped up in a mental institution. And we have a welcome addition to the cast in the swaggering form of Jeffrey Dean Morgan – the Grey’s Anatomy star is perfectly cast as a hunky rogue with a heart of gold who’ll be teaming up with Halle. Look out as well for our very own David Morrissey as an ominous military type.

What’s the verdict?

Dense with mysteries and conspiracies and well-worn sci-fi motifs, Extant isn’t exactly out of this world. But as rollicking entertainment goes you could do a lot worse.

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