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Review: Explorer: Warlords Of Ivory

Review: Explorer: Warlords Of IvoryAired Monday 15th February at 8pm on National Geographic (CH 266) | Rating: ★★★★☆



Fearless journalist Bryan Christy went on the warpath in search of warlords in this frequently shocking documentary, which exposed the full frank truth about today’s ivory trade.

In a nutshell

If you thought the ivory trade is something that’s on its way out, thanks to stringent global laws, this documentary would have come as a shock. The appetite for ivory is as strong as ever, particularly in China where, as this film revealed, a pair of ivory chopsticks can sell for a thousand dollars. And thanks to demand, there’s a steady supply – courtesy of brutal poachers who take a scarily militaristic approach to the business of procuring tusks.

There were many startling moments in this documentary – one involving journalist Bryan Christy trudging through fields in Africa and stumbling across the giant skeletons of slaughtered elephants, as well as unexploded grenades. The poachers are armed to the hilt with bombs and machine guns, making them lethal to elephants and human guards alike. Cleverly, Christy even had a fake tusk made by a taxidermist, which he kitted out with tracking equipment to give us a snapshot of how the ivory trade actually works. Impressive.

What's the verdict?

More than just a documentary maker, Bryan Christy really went the whole distance in this film, getting into the literal warzones of the poachers, and that trick with the fake tusk was a stroke of investigative genius. Required viewing for anyone interested in one of the biggest issues affecting wildlife in the 21st Century.

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