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Review: Abused: The Untold Story

Review: Abused: The Untold StoryAired Monday 11th April at 8.30pm on BBC One (101) | Rating: ★★★★☆



This may have been hard to watch at times, but there was no turning our eyes or ears away from this documentary which delved into the aftermath of largescale abuse of unimaginable proportions.

In a nutshell

And so the fallout from the Savile scandal continues, with this feature-length documentary which made for a very uncomfortable Monday night’s viewing. In a sense it was a belated follow-up to the trailblazing 2012 ITV film which had a number of women revealing the truth about Jimmy Savile, and which triggered the widespread crusade of Operation Yewtree. Further scandals have erupted since then, more celebrities have been disgraced, and the testimonies of victims keep coming.

The testimonies were at the heart of this film, which gave us the raw and powerful words of those who suffered at the hands of evil men, along with the accounts of pain from their loved ones. It also gave us a fascinating insight into the actual process of logging the cases and making them public, with journalists talking about the sheer immensity of the task, and police offers – including the head of Operation Yewtree – casting a new light on one of the biggest undertakings of recent times.

What's the verdict?

Going behind the headlines and lurid tabloid reports, this was a sober, piercing piece of investigative journalism ABOUT investigative journalism. And the legal process. And, most importantly, the human cost of abuse.

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