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10 Easter Eggs you should look for in Suicide Squad

10 Easter Eggs you should look for in Suicide Squad



Suicide Squad hits Sky Cinema this week, and we’re super-hyped to see a whole load of classic DC characters and settings brought to life on the big screen. The team of villains-up-to-no-good are such a treat to watch! But so much happens in the film, however, that it’s easy to miss the numerous hints and clues and fun references that the filmmakers managed to sneak into the story. So without further ado, here are some our favourite Easter gggs from Suicide Squad:


1. The Flash’s cameo

The superhero makes a quick (geddit) appearance in the flashback relating to Captain Boomerang’s past. The Flash is currently the hero of the TV series of the same name, and the character is also set to appear in his own standalone film (scheduled for release in 2018).


2. All things Batman

The Dark Knight is present in several of the villains’ flashback sequences, but perhaps more interestingly, he also appears in a mid-credits scene. We see him agree to help Amanda Waller in exchange for info on metahumans. Notice too Waller’s veiled threat at the end of their exchange, in which she reveals that she knows Bruce Wayne’s secret identity.


3. Harley Quinn’s prior crimes

At the beginning of the flashback relating to Harley Quinn’s story, you can spot in her written file that she was an accomplice in the murder of Robin, Batman’s erstwhile sidekick. 

Harley Quinn: she’s got prior

Harley Quinn: she’s got prior

4. The John F. Ostrander Federal Building

The tower that the Suicide Squad are assigned to reach in order to rescue their mystery target is called the John F. Ostrander Federal Building. John Ostrander is the writer who re-designed the Suicide Squad comics in the 1980s into something very close to the film’ storyline.


5. The Australia Post mailbag

While Boomerang is, naturally, Australian, he took off to the United States to pursue his bank-robbing career. And he was also arrested, as you’ll see in his flashback, in the US. So why is he delivered in an Australia Post bag when the Suicide Squad is first gathered together?


6. The Latin Message

When Harley nabs a handbag from a shop display, you can see that a Latin inscription is inscribed on one the models. It roughly translates to: ‘If you want peace, prepare for war.’ And that’s pretty much Amanda Waller’s motto. It’s a clever, subtle nod to one of the key themes driving the story. 

They’re bad guys, that’s what they do

They’re bad guys, that’s what they do

7. The Watchmen

In that storefront, just above the bit displaying children’s clothes, you can also spot the Watchmen yellow smiley face. There have been rumours that the group of superheroes might be integrated into the DC Extended Universe, and this clue seems promising.


8. Joker’s Baby Onesies

Remember that scene in which Joker creepily lies in the middle of a circle of weapons? Well, if you look closely at the top of the screen, you’ll also be able to spot two baby onesies in the circle. One blue, one pink. It could hint at Harley Quinn’s dream of the two of them having a family together, which we find out about later in the film. However, Jared Leto (who plays the Joker) has an alternative explanation: he commented in an interview that the character might be collecting these as trophies, much like a serial killer would. Yup, we’re terrified.

I think you need to get a better moisturiser, mate

I think you need to get a better moisturiser, mate

9. The White House Roof

While arguing for the existence of the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller and her team offer the following theoretical question: what stops the next Superman from pulling off the roof from The White House and kidnapping the President?  It’s kinda funny, because that’s pretty much exactly what happens in the 1980 film Superman II. Zod and a crew of Kryptonians come through the roof of the Presidential mansion and make the president kneel before them.


10. A.R.G.U.S

Suicide Squad is the first film in the DC Extended Universe in which we hear of A.R.G.U.S.  -an organisation that is more or less the equivalent to Marvel’s SHIELD. Amanda Waller is mentioned as its director. As far as we know, the acronym stands for Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans.


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