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Interview: Geordie Shore play The Fame Game!


The nation’s favourite professional party people are back. Word on the street is this will be the wildest series yet. A man crashed through the roof of a nightclub while they were filming – so if that’s anything to go by, we’re in for quite the bumpy ride.

Favourites from the old guard – including Gary “Gaz” Beadle and Aaron Chalmers – will be returning for more raucous antics. They’re joined by a host of newbies, although not all of them will be sticking around for too long. They include wild child Abbie Holborn, who has already made quite the impression on the fellas; laid-back boxer Billy Phillips; Elettra Lamborghini, who is heiress to the – you’ve guessed it – Lamborghini fortune; plus former Ex On The Beach stars Sarah Goodhart and Zahida Allen. Expect plenty of tashing on.

Ahead of the new series, we sit down with the cast to find out who is the most showbiz of them all…

Have you ever met a royal?

Marty McKenna: No. (0)

Sophie Kasaei: I've never met a royal, but if I did it would deffo be Prince Harry! He's definitely got a bit of Geordie in him. (0)

Marnie Simpson: Me too. I haven’t but I would love to go out with Prince Harry! (0)

Where’s the strangest place you’ve been recognised?   

Sophie Kasaei: In small towns in Australia and New Zealand. I can't believe people watch the show on the other side of the world! (1)

Marnie Simpson: When I was in Athens I kept getting recognised, which I didn’t expect. (1)

Marty McKenna: A funeral. (1)

What's your typical coffee order?

Sophie Kasaei: Double espresso with a water. I hate the taste of coffee; I only drink it to give me a kick but I suppose I've drank worse things. (0)

Marnie Simpson: A latte with either almond or coconut milk. (1)

Marty McKenna: Don't drink it. It's ILL. (0)

Do you have a life coach or PA? 

Marty McKenna: Nah! (0)

Marnie Simpson: No I don't! (0)

Sophie Kasaei: Yes I have a PA, and they are amazing! Thank goodness I have someone to help tell me where I need to be, and at what time. (1)

Who's the most famous person in your phonebook?

Sophie Kasaei: Probably Charlotte Crosby. (1)

Marnie Simpson: I don’t really know that many celebrities but I have Frankie Grande in my phonebook from when we did Celebrity Big Brother together. (0)

Marty McKenna: Gaz from Geordie Shore! (1)

When was the last time you were starstruck? 

Sophie Kasaei: Seeing Kim Kardashian at the MTV EMAs! (0)

Marty McKenna: When I saw Tom Hanks outside the BBC in London. (0)

Marnie Simpson: Never. (1)

When were you last stopped for a selfie?

Marnie Simpson: Yesterday when I was getting on the train at King's Cross. (1)

Sophie Kasaei: Today! It's usually every day and I never get bored of it. I love to talk to random people. (1)

Marty McKenna: Two minutes ago. (1)

Do you watch yourself on TV? 

Sophie Kasaei: Yeah, of course! I need to see if I look good. I'm a massive fan of my own show! (1)

Marty McKenna: No. (0)

Marnie Simpson: Sometimes, but I find it a bit cringey. (0)

What's the closest you've come to breaking the internet?

Sophie Kasaei: I haven't yet, but I don't think anyone would be bothered if I did! (0)

Marnie Simpson: I haven't! (0)

Marty McKenna: What does that mean? (0)

And the winner is... Sophie Kasaei!

Whether it's employing a personal assistant or stopping at every available opportunity for a selfie, Sophie (with 5 points) beats fellow cast members Marnie and Marty (with 4 and 3 points respectively) when it comes to being properly showbiz

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