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The xXx story summed up in 7 stunts


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After a fifteen-year absence from our screens, Xander Cage is back. And so is the universe of the xXx, in which the NSA recruits atypical super-spies for its toughest missions. Its exciting new instalment, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage is now available on Virgin Movies. But if, like us, you need a quick recap of what’s happened in the previous films, here is our handy guide. And in testament to the franchise’ amazing set pieces, we’ve decided to sum things up through its seven most glorious stunts.



1.  The Bridge Jump (XXX, 2002)

We get directly get a sense of what Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) is all about with this opening sequence, in which our hero nabs a car to drive it off a high bridge. He naturally escapes unharmed and earns kudos from fans all over the world. It’s not as fun, however, when the NSA tracks him down at his post-stunt party.


2.  The Motorbike Chase (XXX, 2002)

Agent Augustus Gibbons, played by superhero recruiter extraordinaire Samuel L. Jackson, is not as easily impressed. To ensure that he’s found the right guy for his top-secret, super-dangerous mission, he forces Xander to go through a series of improbable tests. The first involves fighting off an attack in a diner; the second sees three final candidates dumped in the middle of a drug war in Colombia. Xander pulls out all the stops for his South American escape, and we’re totally dazzled by this motorbike chase -  and the amount of pyrotechnics on display in this scene.


3. The Avalanche (XXX, 2002)

Having now been shipped off to Prague as an undercover agent, Xander, who is now officially xXx, infiltrates a crime gang and brings to light their evil master plan. As with all good villainous schemes, it involves a submarine, a dangerous new weapon, and the destruction of the world’s biggest cities. With the help of tech whizz Agent Shavers (Michael Roof), Xander plans an attack in order to stop the group. First step: racing against an avalanche in order to take out a communication tower. Yup, that’s some serious skill.


4.  The Prison Escape (XXX 2: The Next Level)

After saving the day, Xander goes on to live happily ever on a permanent holiday in Bora Bora. But as we know, the story is not yet over. In an equally awesome sequel, titled State of the Union, the NSA division is attacked by a mysterious organisation, leaving Gibbons and Shaver on the run. Xander Cage has apparently been assassinated in the same strike, so the duo are on the lookout for a new special agent. Enter Darius Stone (Ice Cube), and an epic escape from prison. The whole sequence is beautifully executed, and the helicopter at the end is really just the icing on the cake.

XXX2:  The Next Level is available now on Sky Cinema


5.  The Boat (XXX 2: The Next Level)

Darius used to be in the military - that is, until he was imprisoned for insubordination against his commander, a certain Deckert (Willem Dafoe), who is now Secretary of Defence. Villain much? We sure think so. In his first attempt at investigating the baddie, the new xXx makes a daring escape by boat. And by daring, we mean daring.


6.  No Dead Ends (XXX 2: The Next Level)

Boat navigation is, naturally, not Darius’ only special skill. He and Gibbons discover that Secretary Deckert plans to murder the president (Peter Strauss) during his State of the Union speech. To get to the leader of the free world on time, xXx and his BFF Zeke (Xzibit) crash through several walls around the Capitol with their fleet of dead cool cars, and hijack a tank for good measure. There is, apparently, no such thing as a dead end.


7.  Going on rails (XXX 2: The Next Level)

Despite the team’s best efforts, Deckert still gets away with the President on a bullet train (because why not?). Undaunted, Darius chases it on its rails in his superfast ride, managing to catch up. Then the train explodes over a bridge, which is all the more epic. Darius finally overcomes the dastardly evil dude (yay!) and saves both the Pres and the day. Gibbons allows him to disappear, and gets ready to recruit a new xXx. (Little does he know that Xander is, of course, still alive).