How to use Webspace

This section contains a few tips on using your site.

You cannot create a site based on an alias with an underscore or a full stop in it, as these are invalid characters in DNS.

The upload information for your site is as follows:

  • Hostname:
  • Username: "alias name"
  • Password: Your password, as chosen in Selfcare

Your website address is determined by which alias you apply for it on, and is of the format:

www."alias name"

You can use Microsoft FrontPage to upload to your webspace, or a simple FTP client. You can also have full use of the additional functionality offered by the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions on our service, up to and including FrontPage 2002.

All customers have up to 200MB of filespace on our servers to use with their new account.

If you wish your website to be able to be viewed without users needing to put a filename on the end of the address, ie:

instead of:

You will need to call your initial (home) page one of the following:

  • index.html
  • index.htm
  • default.html
  • default.htm

When your webspace is setup, a default.htm file is created automatically. You may wish to overwrite this file with your own file, or just to remove it in order for your own pages to be viewable. You should be able to delete or overwrite this file using any FTP program, or if you call your home page index.html in FrontPage you can just overwrite it.