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Celebrity tattooist slams Channel 4 show

Celebrity tattooist Kevin Paul has slammed Channel 4's 'Body Shockers: My Tattoo Hell'.

Kevin, who has inked designs on everyone from Harry Styles to Ed Sheeran, claims the programme, hosted by TV personality Katie Piper, was too negative about the tattoo industry and showed ink enthusiasts in a bad light.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I offered them good contacts and feedback, but Channel 4 want to show tattooing in a negative light on every show.

''When they started it, they phoned me and asked if I would help. I did help, [but] they kept trying to take short cuts and wanted to film someone in four weeks having laser treatment - it takes six weeks.

''They got people involved which alienated the British tattooing community. I pulled out and said I didn't want to get involved in it because I knew it would be negative.''

The show, which aired last night (30.01.14), featured ink fans who had artwork covering their bodies, including shocking tattoos on their faces.

But Kevin said not everyone makes bad choices when it comes to tattoos and he's trying to change people's perceptions.

He added: ''I'm seen as a positive figure. I went to Parliament to change the law on tattooing, I've done good work. But they want to show tattooed people as scumbags, low-lifes and idiots.''


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