Good Behavior

5 reasons to watch Good Behavior

The silk gloves are off for Lady Mary in your latest Virgin TV Exclusive

We don’t need to tell you that this black comedy from the creator of Wayward Pines is essential viewing. But just in case we do...

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It’s the genre-bending crime drama starring Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery, which has seen her shake off her costume drama roots in one thrilling roller coaster ride of a series.

So, without further ado, here are five reasons why you should draw the curtains and curl up with this juicy, juicy show...


1. Lady Mary Crawley, she ain’t!

Being a member of the Downton alumni does not destine you for a career of petticoats, plummy voices and period dramas. The late Matthew Crawley (sniffle) aka Dan Stevens proved that with his out-of-this-world turn as troubled mutant David Haller in Legion. But if you thought Haller had some demons, Michelle Dockery’s Letty Raines (below) is one ghoul short of a full haunting. Our thieving, substance-abusing, troubled protagonist has been there, done that and got herself a souvenir correctional facility T-shirt. And she probably stole it.


But if you think she sounds like the most unsympathetic character on paper, there is always light in the darkness. Letty really, really wants to be good, and not just because she’s literally just got out of prison. While dragging herself out of every steaming hot mess she finds herself in, she’s also trying to win back custody of her son, currently being looked after by her mother. What’s more, Dockery plays her with such honesty and rawness that you can’t help but root for her.


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2. The first episode doesn’t dawdle

How’s this for a set-up? When we meet Letty, she’s on her way to rob a hotel room and finds herself – as we all do – hiding in the wardrobe. While she’s folded up like a travel ironing board, she overhears two men discussing a deal for one to kill the other’s wife. It’s a hitman/client meeting, you understand. And Letty makes it her business to seduce the hitman in order to rescue the woman. Did we not tell you this woman has a heart? Sure enough, she succeeds in her mission but that’s the least of her worries – what follows is one of the most complicated, fascinating, dark and stormy love affairs we’ve ever encountered. Phew!


3. Seriously, this show has everything

Want thrills? You asked for it! Want a juicy romance? Get stuck in! Want drama, twists, action, intrigue, suspense, and to form your own love-hate relationship with one of the most interesting female protagonists to emerge on screen this year? Well, if you’re wondering what that sound is, it’s the sound of all your boxes being ticked.

4. Her co-star will be your new (man) crush

Whatever your persuasion, we dare you not to be seduced by Juan Diego Botto, below, the Argentine-Spanish actor making his US breakthrough as the aforementioned hitman Javier. And we’re not just talking about those eyes and that lovely, lovely hair. He’s what Winston Churchill would call “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”. The kind of puzzle that leaves you eating dinner on your lap for weeks because you can’t bear to take it off the dining room table until you’ve at least conquered the edges. We’re not quite sure how he manages to make someone who kills people for a living so intriguing and attractive while also appearing likeable and warm, but we’re enjoying the ride too much to stop and figure it out. Did we mention he’s really, really good looking?

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5. The creator knows a thing or two about a good twist

Good Behavior is based on a novella series by Blake Crouch. If the name sounds familiar, he’s the American author you can address your thank you letters to for bringing us FOX’s Wayward Pines, starring Matt Dillon. He’s also joined on executive producing duties by Chad Hodge, who had the same role on Wayward Pines. So you know you’re in good hands.


We’ll be honest – there are actually more than just five reasons to get stuck into Good Behavior right now but a) we don’t want to give too much away and b) you’re probably itching to get watching. So don’t resist any longer! Watch the complete first season now and then get stuck in to the new second series, with new episodes arriving each week, on the same day and date as in the US, with the final episode arriving on 18 December. Enjoy!

Watch the trailer below...

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