Where was I May Destroy You filmed?

This co-production by the BBC and HBO confronts difficult issues faced by women in the modern world. It examines the questions of personal responsibility and sexual consent, how people negotiate their real-life identities and construct a social media persona.

Personal identities in the 21st century can be created. We adapt them as we begin to understand ourselves and our own existence. The series examines how our sense of self can be significantly altered by traumatic events.

Find out more about the filming locations for I May Destroy You.

I May Destroy You filming location: Oxford Street, London W1

A lot of the promotional material for I May Destroy You was filmed around London's Oxford Street. Arabella is seen against a background of busy shops, red London double-deckers and black taxis. Scenes involving the Ego Death bar, purportedly in Soho, were shot in an empty retail space near Oxford Circus. The day after her disorienting evening, Arabella finds herself at a bus stop near Tottenham Court Road tube station.

I May Destroy You filming location: Cheapside, London EC

Arabella's friend Simon goes for a drink with Kat at a rooftop bar, which is shot with a view of St Paul's in the background. From there Simon meets Arabella in Soho, on a street actually filmed in Cheapside, just round the corner from St Paul’s.

I May Destroy You filming location: Soho, London W1

Young Londoner Arabella visits her agent's office, entering by a small door tucked away in an alleyway off D'arblay Street in Soho. Later she meets friends for a night out in Soho, where we see a vibrant selection of bars, clubs and restaurants.

I May Destroy You filming location: Carnaby Street, London W1

Later in the series, we find Arabella walking around Carnaby Street in a Halloween costume. The neon-lit background glitters as she figures out the meaning of some recent events while late-night drinkers erupt from bars and mill around the streets.

I May Destroy You filming location: Hackney, North East London

The filming location for exteriors of Arabella’s two-bedroom shared flat is in the London Borough of Hackney. This once run-down area of concrete jungle is now home to some cool millennials mixing hipster cafés and traditional East End eel pie shops.

I May Destroy You filming location: Kingsland High Street, Hackney, E8

This is the main Hackney street where we see Arabella on her way into town catching a bus on Kingsland High Street. The majority of I May Destroy You action takes place between here and Central London, passing through Shoreditch. Some of the bar scene interiors were filmed in the Queen of Hoxton pub on the corner of Curtain Road and Worship Street in Shoreditch.

I May Destroy You filming location: Ostia, Italy

Several scenes of I May Destroy You take place in Ostia, on the west coast of Italy. This port of ancient Rome is now a thriving suburban community some 30 kilometres from central Rome. The location covers the Lido di Ostia retro seaside resort where Arabella is writing in a cafe and you see both night and day scenes around the town. After meeting a drug dealer who becomes her boyfriend, an argument ends with Arabella wading fully clothed into the sea.