Where was Giri/Haji filmed?

Giri/Haji filming locations revealed

A Tokyo detective travels to London’s seedy criminal underground in search of his missing brother.

Giri/Haji moves between Tokyo and London, with plenty of drama on both sides of the world. Filming was mostly city-based, although some scenes ventured outside the capitals.

Read on and find out where this thriller was filmed.

Giri/Haji filming locations: Cut & Grind, D'Arblay St, Soho, London

Cut & Grind in Soho was the traditional barbershop you see in the series. In Giri/Haji, it’s covered in blood splatters – but don’t worry, that has now been cleaned up and you can have a haircut and old-fashioned shave in this friendly salon.

Giri/Haji filming locations: Euston Station, London

When Mori goes to meet his colleague at a train station, these scenes were filmed in Euston railway station. Euston is the UK’s busiest intercity passenger terminal, joining London and the Midlands, and even offering overnight services to Scotland on a sleeper. The station was rebuilt in the 1960s in a modernist style, with a distinctive concrete ceiling.

Giri/Haji filming locations: St. Botolph without Aldgate, Aldgate High Street, London

When Taki and Rodney are on a Jack the Ripper tour, you’ll see the city church of St. Botolph without Aldgate in the background. A church has stood on this site since medieval times. The current building dates to the 18th century but was bombed in the blitz, so much of it was rebuilt.

Giri/Haji filming locations: The Scotch of St James, Masons Yard, London

With its plush interiors and retro London vibe, iconic nightclub The Scotch of St James was the perfect location for the gangster Abbott’s club. This club has been a staple of London nightlife since the swinging sixties. Celebrity clientele over the years has included Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney. Nowadays, it’s still an exclusive spot, so queues on club nights can be long, but a night here is certainly one to remember.

Giri/Haji filming locations: The Blue Posts, Berwick Street, Soho, London

Giri/Haji filmed interior and exterior shots at the traditional London pub The Blue Posts. Outside, the pub is decorated with terracotta tiles, and inside, it has a classic pub look, with wooden panels and floral carpets, making it popular with those who lament the decline of the traditional British pub.

Giri/Haji filming locations: Heathrow Airport, Hillingdon, London

Episodes one and three had scenes at Heathrow Airport. Heathrow is Europe’s busiest passenger airport. Its vast modern buildings are often used for filming. The Compass Centre, an office building in the airport, is seen in the background in episode three. Heathrow Airport started life as a small airfield before expanding and becoming London Airport just after WWII. In 1966, it was renamed Heathrow Airport. Nowadays, over 80 airlines fly to 185 destinations.

Giri/Haji filming locations: Bottle Alley, Hastings, East Sussex

Heading outside London, the crew filmed on Hastings Beach and on the covered promenade known as Bottle Alley. Bottle Alley is made from concrete, embedded with millions of pieces of broken bottles that give it a shimmer. Recently, coloured lights were installed along the promenade. In the evenings, there’s a unique light show bringing colour to the beach.