How do I pay my Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile bill?

You can choose between making a one-off payment, signing in to Your Account, setting up a Direct Debit, and more.

Make a one-off payment

You can pay your My Virgin Media bill using a one-off payment without having to sign in, using your postcode and the account holder's last name.

Other ways to make a Virgin Media payment

You can also make a Virgin Media payment by signing in to either, your My Virgin Media account to pay for your broadband, TV and landline, or your Virgin mobile account to pay for your Virgin Mobile billing.

Choose which bill you want to pay

How to pay by Direct Debit

To set up Direct Debit with Virgin Media, you need to sign in to Your Account, go to My bills and then Your Direct Debit.

You can also set it up using the My Virgin Media app, which you can download by going to our My Virgin Media app page.

You can also pay another way

If you don't want to pay your Virgin Media bill using Direct Debit, there are more options.

How to pay by card online

You can pay your Virgin Media bill online by making a one-off payment using a Visa, MasterCard and Maestro card. Your card provider might need more information before the payment can be approved and not all pre-pay card payments will be accepted. It may take up to 9 hours for the payment to appear in your account.

If you’re making a card payment as a Direct Debit customer, this will not reduce or cancel any Direct Debit payments you’re making.

Why has my card payment not been accepted?

If you’re trying to make the payment online or by calling our automated payment service, make sure you enter your details correctly.

If you’ve entered the right information but your payment continues to be declined, you’ll need to contact your card provider directly to find out why. If your card issuer declines your payment, they won’t give us the details, only that the payment couldn’t be processed.

You can contact us by calling 0800 064 3777.

You’ll need Your Account number and area reference number which you’ll find on your bill.

Once you’ve made a payment, we can securely save your card details so that if you phone us again it’ll be easier for you to make a payment.

Go to a PayPoint or a Post Office

Take any paper bill with a barcode to a PayPoint or post office. To find your closest PayPoint, go to the PayPoint site.

Go to your bank

Complete the payment slip at the bottom of your paper bill and take it to your nearest bank. But sending your payment this way will mean it’ll take longer to reach us.

When you write the cheque, make sure your name, account number and postcode are on the back.

You can then either, fill in your payment slip from your paper bill and take both your slip and cheque to your bank, or send both to the following address:

Virgin Media Payments Ltd
PO Box 4014

If don’t put the payment slip in with the cheque it could delay or stop the payment from reaching Your Account.

When you make a payment through your online bank, or pay by phone banking you’ll need the following details:

•  The Virgin Media Payments Ltd bank account number: 23494314

•  The Virgin Media Payments Ltd sort code number: 20-13-42

•  Your 14-digit payment reference number

For internet banking, you might have to first select Virgin Media (1) as the company to pay.

If you get paper bills, you’ll find your 14-digit payment reference on the back of the first page of your bill.

If you get your bills online, find your 12-digit payment reference then add your 2-digit area reference to the end to get your 14-digit payment reference. You’ll find both references in your billing notification email.

How long does it take for a payment to appear in Your Account?

Depending on how you made your payment, it will take time to appear in Your Account.

If you’ve made a payment that isn’t showing in your account, and it’s taking longer than any of the times mentioned below, go to our payments not showing page.

You’ll see your payment in Your Account as soon as the payment’s been created. This will be 2 working days before it’s collected by the bank. And if the Direct Debit fails the payment, this will also appear in Your Account.

It could take up to 9 hours to be appear in Your Account. If it’s between 8am and 10pm it’ll take only 2 hours.

You can pay your Virgin Media bill in cash using PayPoint, the payment should appear in Your Account before 5pm on the next working day.

If you’re using the bank, post office, or your banking app, the payment should appear in Your Account before 5pm the next working day.

If you’re sending a cheque to the bank to pay your bill, the payment should appear in Your Account before 5pm on the next working day.

If you’re sending your cheque through the post, it could take more than 16 days to appear in Your Account.

Second class mail can take up to 15 days to be delivered as this relies on Royal Mail to make the delivery.

How secure are my payments?

Virgin Media is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud. This is achieved through enforcing tight controls on the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data that businesses handle. PCI DSS is intended to protect sensitive cardholder data.

Being compliant with PCI DSS means that Virgin Media is doing its best to keep our customers’ valuable information safe and out of the hands of people who could use that data in a fraudulent way. Not holding on to data reduces the risk that our customers will be affected by fraud.

Billing and payments FAQs

1. Sign in to Your Account

2. Select My profile at the top of the page

3. Go to the eBilling section and select Switch to eBilling

4. Follow the instructions to complete your registration

You’ll then be set up to receive your monthly bills to the email address of your choice each month.

To change the email address we contact you on, go to My profile, Contact details and then Contact email address.

Once a month, we’ll send you an email with your payment date telling you your bill’s ready.

To change the email address we contact you on:

1. Sign in to Your Account

2. Select My profile

3. Select Change next to Contact email address

Enter and confirm the new address you want us to contact you on.

Checking your connection for issues

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