Changes to your Virgin Mobile plan 

From 20th February 2017, calls and texts to call-forwarding numbers starting 0745208, 0745210 and 0745220 will be charged at the standard rate and no longer be covered by your monthly allowance.

We hope you keep enjoying the great value you get from Virgin Mobile, but if you’d like to ch­ange or c­ancel your contra­ct without pen­alty, text END to 80197 from your Virgin Mobile phone by 18th February 2017. 

Your questions answered

Your monthly plan allowance includes calls and text messages to UK mobiles. The numbers affected aren’t UK mobiles – they’re used for redirecting to international numbers, which aren’t included in your package, so we’re just making sure that they are charged correctly, and the same as other call-forwarding services going forward.

Only numbers starting 0745208, 0745210 and 0745220 are affected. 

We’re able to make changes as we’ve outlined in Clause 5 of our terms and conditions. You’ll have received these terms and conditions when you joined or upgraded with us. 

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Text the word END to 80197

If you SMS us we will go ahead and process the disconnection to take effect within 30 days. This will give you the time to find another mobile provider and transfer over your number. Any request to disconnect by this method of SMS won’t be picked up if made after the 18th Feb.