HSCN accreditation for Virgin Media Business to provide connected care

02 March 2018

Virgin Media Business is set to provide connectivity and solutions to support the integration of NHS and social care providers after securing Stage 2 compliance certification to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

HSCN is the pan-NHS data network for health and social care organisations that will under-pin the integration and transformation of their services.  It replaces the N3 single-supplier contract that all NHS providers were previously bound to and has opened up the marketplace for health and social care providers, allowing them to choose a technology partner that can best serve their requirements.

Rob Orr, Executive Director Commercial Marketing at Virgin Media Business, said:

> HSCN provides us with a unique and exciting opportunity to empower healthcare organisations to unleash their digital potential, achieving greater productivity and improving outcomes for patients.  Our Connected Care solutions have a proven history of success in the public sector and provide a solid foundation for reshaping the future of health and social care. Whether it is an NHS Trust enabling staff to work from anywhere at any time, a GP surgery wanting to improve the patient experience through WiFi provision, or a Social Care customer looking to collaborate with local Health organisations, we have the solutions and expertise to help drive that transformation.

HSCN connectivity from Virgin Media Business will better connect health and social care, allowing secure data to be shared seamlessly across the sector.  Professionals will be able to securely access, edit and share electronic information such as appointments, medical imaging and patient records with colleagues across care services anywhere, anytime.

Practitioners are set to benefit from Virgin Media Business’ flexible remote working tools such as Business Anywhere which will allow health and social care professionals to check and update patients’ medical notes on-the-go from their mobile device.  This will be particularly useful to field workers out on home visits.

In hospitals and community care facilities, GPs, specialists and social workers can stay connected and seamlessly access the same information through a dedicated secure network.   It will allow the sharing of information in real time, allowing remote involvement of specialist expertise in their decision making.



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