Latest Call of Duty: Warzone update sparks 60% uplift in traffic on Virgin Media

06 August 2020

Virgin Media has revealed that the latest Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 patch caused a 60% uplift in internet traffic on Wednesday 5 August.

The latest update, which is available on PS4 (33.9GB), Xbox (49.9GB) and PC (47.4GB), was the largest update since the Warzone mode was released and drove a traffic spike that was 60% higher than the previous Wednesday.

During ‘peak time’ (8pm to 10pm) on Wednesday there was a 20% uplift in traffic, which is the highest for 4 weeks.

Overall, an additional 22 Petabytes of data was downloaded compared to Monday to Friday last week, with Northern Ireland and Wales seeing the largest uplift. At the peak of recorded traffic, the equivalent of more than 52 PS4 Warzone patches worth of data was downloaded each second*.

This was Virgin Media’s busiest spike in peak time traffic since the last Call of Duty: Warzone mid-season 4 update on Tuesday 30 June.

Traffic levels were kept in check as PS4 players had the ability to pre-download the update for the first time on Tuesday 4 August, which also saw a 10% uplift in peak time traffic compared to the last four Tuesdays.

Fortnite also released a 2GB update on the same day that could have also contributed to the uplift in traffic.

In terms of in-home connectivity, Virgin Media’s average broadband speeds across all packages remained stable and above the headline speed which meant customers had plenty of bandwidth to download the patch while also doing whatever else they needed to online.


Notes to editors

*This stat is an illustration of the amount of data downloaded during the peak. Other services would have contributed to this peak.