Virgin Media launches WiFi Calling so customers can stay connected in even more places

9 April 2020

Virgin Media mobile customers can now make calls and send texts even when there’s no mobile signal, following the launch of Virgin Media WiFi Calling.

This follows Virgin Media giving all of its 4G pay monthly customers a free speed upgrade in late 2019 to 85Mbps download and 35Mbps upload so they can enjoy even faster mobile speeds. In the UK, average 4G download speeds are only 33.3Mbps, highlighting the significant superiority of Virgin Media’s mobile offering. 

Virgin Media’s new connectivity feature, WiFi Calling, enables customers to stay connected from anywhere with WiFi, giving them extra peace of mind should they ever lose signal. So wherever they are in the UK, whether working from home or calling a loved one for a catch up, where there’s WiFi there’s a way to stay in touch and keep connected.

WiFi Calling comes at no additional cost, with usage deducted from customers’ monthly airtime allowance. The service is available to all customers with a compatible device and can be activated without having to download an app or make any changes to a customer’s mobile plan. Unlike some other voice over WiFi services, Virgin Media WiFi Calling doesn’t require the person a customer is calling to have a specific app installed or to be a Virgin Media customer. Those looking to use WiFi Calling can simply activate the service via their settings to enjoy an incredibly clear voice HD connection. And, once the feature has been enabled users will connect automatically thereafter without need to activate WiFi Calling again when they next use it. 

Virgin Media already offers 99% population mobile coverage and with the addition of WiFi Calling Virgin Media customers can make the most of the ultimate connectivity at their fingertips.

Virgin Media’s flexible mobile plans come with data roll over and data-free WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter as standard. Freestyle customers can also flex their plan every 30 days, so whether they want more or less data, they have the freedom to pick a tariff that really works for them.