Virgin Media makes ultrafast speeds standard with new bundles

22nd March 2017

Speeds start where rivals finish: 100Mbps entry level rising to top speed of 300Mbps

Virgin Media is to become the first widely-available UK broadband provider to offer ultrafast speeds of 100Mbps and above as standard as it revamps its bundles and launches the Virgin fibre brand.

This move reaffirms Virgin Media’s position as the UK’s ultrafast broadband provider with a top speed of 300Mbps.   As the need for fast, reliable broadband increases a speed of 300Mbps is four times faster than Virgin Media’s main competitors’ top speeds and gives households more bandwidth to stream, game, chat and work all at the same time on multiple connected devices.

Alongside faster speeds, the Virgin TV V6 box will be included in the new Mix, Fun and Full House bundles.  Existing customers can also take advantage of the Virgin TV V6 box, with upgrade pricing varying depending on the package taken.

Tom Mockridge, CEO of Virgin Media, said: “By beefing up our bundles we’re leaving our competitors in the rear view mirror, starting where they finish. Eye-watering speeds, a better box and top-notch TV is a winning combination.

“More and more switchers tell us they are joining Virgin Media for our faster speeds and we understand why - whether it’s 4K Netflix, box sets in multiple rooms or online gaming, the best entertainment requires the best broadband and we’re making sure our customers are covered with these bundles at incredible value.”

The best TV with the best connectivity

The new Virgin TV V6 box, which was launched at the end of last year is Virgin Media’s smallest, smartest and fastest box yet and will be included as the primary TV box to all new customers on a Mix bundle and above.

The Virgin TV V6 box allows people to record six shows while watching a seventh, supports 4K Ultra-High Definition and comes with 1TB of storage allowing 500 hours of SD recordings or 100 hours of HD recordings.

Recordings can also be watched and set on any other TiVo-powered boxes around the home which means existing Virgin TV customers can keep recordings and transfer settings while updating their home entertainment. Selected recordings, a range of box sets - including numerous Virgin TV exclusives - and up to 110 live TV channels, including BT Sport, can also be watched over WiFi with the Virgin TV Anywhere app.

The new bundles are available from 30th March.


Notes to editors

Broadband speeds

Speeds (download/upload)



VIVID Gamer*






*Upgrade to 300 available for £5


Price (per month inc LR) 12 month contract

VIVID 100 solus


VIVD 200 solus


VIVID 200 Gamer


VIVD 300 solus


VIVIV 100 with home phone


Player bundle with VIVID 100


Mix bundle with VIVID 100 and V6


Fun bundle with VIVID 100 and V6


Full House bundle with VIVID 200 and V6


Full House bundle with VIVID 300 and V6


Ultrafast definition

Ultrafast is defined as 100Mbps by the European Commission and the UK Government. Ofcom changed its definition of ultrafast from 100Mbps to 300Mbps in 2015.