Virgin Media offers early upgrades with new mobile Trade Up & Trade In scheme

13 January 2021

  • Trade Up” gives existing customers the freedom to upgrade early – regardless of when their contract ends
  • “Trade In” enables new and existing customers to swap their old handsets for cashback

Virgin Media mobile customers can now get their hands on a shiny new phone whenever they want by ‘trading up’ and using their existing handset’s value to offset the remaining months of their handset contract.

Available exclusively to existing mobile customers, Virgin Media’s new Trade Up scheme, in partnership with Brightstar, means customers are no longer constrained by the length of their contract and can choose to upgrade their mobile whenever they wish.

With Trade Up, existing Freestyle customers simply need to contact Virgin Media’s mobile team who will value their handset and agree the upgrade, before sending the new device and a pre-paid envelope so the customer can return their old handset. Once the upgrade is processed, the customer’s 24 or 36 month Freestyle contract will be refreshed with the ability to Trade Up again at any time.

Available across all handset models and manufacturers, new and existing mobile customers looking to turn their unwanted handsets into money can also Trade In and recycle their old devices in exchange for cashback – without the need to take a new mobile contract.

Annie Brooks, Executive Director of Product at Virgin Media, said: “We want our customers to enjoy a flexible service that truly works for them. We’ve been offering flexible airtime for many years, ensuring our mobile plans keep up with our customers’ ever changing needs, and now with our new Trade Up and Trade In offering, our customers have even more freedom to pick a new device whenever they desire – regardless of how long is left on their contract.”

Brightstar VP, Gerry O’Keeffe, said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Virgin Media to bring new levels of flexibility to their customers with the new ‘Trade Up’ and ‘Trade In’ schemes. Virgin Media recognise that customers want more flexibility, together we’ll be bringing customers even more choice with a hassle-free way to turn their old device into cashback or an early upgrade to a great new phone.”

Virgin Media’s flexible mobile plans come with data roll over and data-free WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter as standard. Freestyle customers can also flex their plan every 30 days, so whether they want more data or fewer minutes, they have the freedom to pick a tariff that really works for them. Customers can also Roam Like Home and enjoy using their inclusive texts, minutes and data while abroad in 43 European destinations so they can snap, chat and stay connected  at no extra cost* while they’re away.


Notes to editors:

  • New Trade Up and Trade In offering operates in partnership with Brightstar – global leader in end-to-end device lifecycle solutions.
  • Virgin Media Freestyle mobile contracts are split in to two parts; one for airtime and another for the interest free handset loan agreement.
  • With Trade Up, Virgin Media mobile customers can use the current value of their phone to cover the remaining balance of their existing handset contract. They will not have to pay off the airtime part of their contract so are able to upgrade at any time. Whereas with another provider, customers may have to wait until the end of their minimum contract terms to upgrade and get a new phone.
  • To ‘Trade Up’ customers need to sign up for another 24-month or 36-month Freestyle contract.
  • If the value of a customer’s existing handset doesn’t quite cover their remaining handset loan balance, they will need to pay off the remainder before upgrading.
  • With Trade In, new and existing mobile customers can recycle their devices in exchange for cashback.
  • *Customers can use their inclusive texts, minutes and data at no extra cost while abroad in 43 Roam Like Home destinations. Any usage outside of their inclusive airtime allowance while roaming within a Roam Like Home destination will be charged at a UK rate.