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Your online bill explained

As a Virgin Media customer, you pay for your services a month in advance. For example, you’ll pay for October’s services in September.

It can be a little difficult to understand what everything on your bill means. Here’s a run down of the different monthly charges you’ll see on your bill:

Bill summary

Your bill summary may look a little different, depending on whether it’s your first bill, your regular monthly bill, or if you’ve just changed your package. Let’s have a look at your bill summary in a little more detail:

Bill Breakdown

The Bill breakdown is where you'll find details of last month's bill and any payments made against it.

If an amount was still outstanding when we finalized this bill, you might be charged a late payment fee. For more details on our charges, just head to the Virgin Media price guide.

If this is your first bill: it’s unlikely that you’ll see anything carried from a previous bill. However, if you’ve made an upfront payment or transferred your account as part of a house move, you may see those transactions listed here. Your next bill will list any payments you make against this bill.

Your Package

Your package breakdown will look slightly different, depending on whether this is your first bill, your regular monthly bill, or if you’ve made changes to your package.

Usage Charges

If you've purchased any movies or played any interactive games in the last month, you’ll see those charges in this section. You’ll also see any call charges that are outside of your Talk plan.

Other charges and credits

If we need to charge you for things like installation or activation, we’ll list them here. Likewise, if we need to credit you for items not directly linked to your service charges, we’ll pop them here too.

My last Virgin Media Bill

We bill you a month in advance for your monthly service or package charges and this continues right up to your date of disconnection. Because of this, you may receive a bill showing charges after your disconnection date. Don’t worry; once your services are fully disconnected, we’ll refund any of these advance charges on your final bill.

If your final bill is in credit due to charges you’ve previously paid in advance beyond your disconnection date, we’ll automatically send you a cheque for the full amount.

If you’d like to disconnect your services, you’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice. If you’re still within your minimum contract period at the time of disconnection, you may be required to pay an early disconnection fee for the remainder of your contract. This will show on the Other fees, charges & credits section of your final bill.

When we disconnect your services, we’ll automatically send you a postal returns kit so you can return any equipment we need back from you. Find out more about returning your kit.

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Virgin Media Credit Limit

When you join Virgin Media, we may apply a credit limit to your account. This is based on the results of your credit check, and the services you have with us. Having a credit limit means it’s easier to stay in control of what you’re spending. We’ll always do our best to let you know when you’re near your credit limit and if you exceed it.

If you do exceed your credit limit, you’ll need to pay off enough of the balance to bring you below your limit. If you don’t, we may need to restrict your services.

If you need to make a payment, you can sign in to your My Virgin Media account and pay online.

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Different types of charges on your bill

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