Is my home phone compatible with my alarm?

Learn about using your security, personal or health alarms on the Virgin Media network.

How to find out what zone you're in?

First, you’ll need to know what Phone Zone you’re in, as this can affect how your alarm works. Simply dial 1765 from your home phone to find out. You’ll either be in the Red, Yellow, Green, Blue or Purple Zone.

Is my phone compatible with my alarm
No matter what Zone you’re in, most security, personal alarms and health monitors should be compatible with our network. However, you’ll need to check with your alarm provider to be sure.

Will my phone work if there's a power cut?
If you’re in the Purple Zone, your Virgin Media Phone will be provided over our broadband network, so you should always keep your broadband router plugged in and switched on to make and receive calls. Your telephone service will not work during a power or network outage – including for emergency calls. Keep a mobile phone handy and charged in the event of an emergency.

If you’re in the Red, Yellow, Green or Blue Zone, our street cabinets will have a back-up power supply in case of a power cut. This means you’ll experience no loss of service, unless you have a DECT phone, which requires power.

Should my alarm work during a power cut?
Any type of alarm connected to your telephone line will not work during a power cut. If you’re not sure about the connection, check with your alarm provider.

Is there accessibility help for an emergency?
For customers with accessibility requirements, we have put together a range of helpful information in the event of an emergency. Check out our accessibility support.

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