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How do I manage my home WiFi features with the Virgin Media Connect app?

Once you’ve linked the Virgin Media Connect app to the Hub 3, you can take control of your WiFi, manage your connected devices and scan your home for any WiFi blackspots.

Test your WiFi performance

The Connect app lets you scan your home to check your WiFi signal from room to room. Simply tap ‘Start the scan’ and let the app take over.

View and share your WiFi password

To share your WiFi details

  1. Head to the Broadband tab on the Connect app
  2. Tap Share WiFi password
  3. Tap the box with the network name you want to share

Create a guest network

Create a separate WiFi network for guests with its own details, keeping your home WiFi network private.

Simply turn on a guest network from the 'Share WiFi password' page.

Change WiFi settings

  1. Head to the Broadband tab on the Connect app
  2. Tap the Settingssymbol in the top right corner (cogs)
  3. Tap the box containing the right network name.

Here you can change your WiFi network name, WiFi password, enable/disable WiFi networks and change your Hub's settings password. Remember that when you change your network name or password, you'll need to reconnect your devices to WiFi again using the new details.

(We recommend you leave UPnP settings enabled. This stands for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and is a set of networking protocols.)

Stop devices in your home from connecting to the internet

It's really simple to pause devices using your internet connection:

  1. Go to the Broadband tab on the Connect app and tap on the image of your Hub
  2. Tap on the device you want to pause your connection to. This will load its details
  3. Tap the pause device switch. The switch will turn green and move to the right

And that's it! This device will no longer have access to the internet. To unpause a connection again, just follow the same steps, but move the switch back to the left.

Can't see your devices?

If you can't see devices connected to your Hub, try refreshing your home network device list. To do this:

  1. Go to the Broadband tab on the Connect app
  2. Swipe down to refresh the list of your devices

Don’t have a Hub 3?

Sadly, you won't be able to use the Connect app to optimise your home WiFi. However, you still get access to WiFi hotspots and check your Virgin Mobile usage (if you have Virgin Mobile).

If you want to make changes to your Broadband, TV and Phone services, you can do it all through My Virgin Media:

  1. Register or sign in to My Virgin Media at
  2. Click Upgrades & Offers at the top of the page
  3. Pick the part of your package you’d like to upgrade, or check out our Top Offers, and click Add or Upgrade
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy your new service

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