Can I upgrade my mobile phone early?

Tired of your old handset? Not to worry. With Virgin Mobile you can upgrade to a new phone in no time at all.

Even if your current contract is still active, you can still get your hands on a Virgin mobile upgrade phone. To get your early upgrade, you first need to pay off the remaining balance on your current contract. You can either pay this off yourself in full, or you can use the value of your current handset to help you pay off some of the remaining cost. To find out how much your current handset is worth, visit our Virgin Mobile Recycling page, or you can call us on 0345 045 0130 and our team will value your handset over the phone.

Once you know the value of your old phone, you can start shopping for your new Virgin Mobile upgrade phone and upgrade to a new 24 or 36 month contract. When we send out your new phone, we will also send you packaging for you to post your old phone back to us, free of charge. Job done!

To discover more information and FAQs about getting an early upgrade, visit our Trade Up page.

If you’re not ready to upgrade your handset but are interested in upgrading your plan, head over to our Virgin Mobile upgrades page and check out all of our available upgrades.

How do I upgrade my phone?

Upgrading your phone is a quick and easy process. You can choose to upgrade your phone online through your Virgin Mobile account or over the phone.

Can I upgrade if I'm on a shared plan?

Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile do not offer any shared plans. All of our mobile contract plans are for individuals, so you cannot claim a handset upgrade for more than one contract at the same time. However, if you have Virgin Media broadband or television in your home, you can claim a discount of £2 a month on up to 4 SIMS with our Virgin Media Family Plan.

Can I change my mind once I've upgraded?

If you’re not sure that you’ve made the right decision, don’t worry. Once you’ve ordered your Virgin Mobile upgrade phone, you will have a 14 day trial period. This means you will have 14 days to return your phone if you don’t feel that it’s the right one for you.

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