How to set up Virgin Mobile voicemail

If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer, this page should tell you everything you need to know about using our Voicemail service.

Your Virgin Mobile account
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How do I set up voicemail on Virgin Mobile?

Bought one of our mobile deals? If your voicemail didn’t activate itself when you switched your phone on (it should’ve), sign in on Your Account and choose Plan & Device > Manage Services > Turn on Voicemail.

Virgin Mobile voicemail not working?

If activating it on Your Account didn’t work, dial 222 on your mobile and listen to the full message, then after 20 minutes you should:

  • Ignore the ‘PERS’ message, if you’re texted.
  • Turn your mobile phone off and on again, and your voicemail should be activated. If you still need help, dial 789 – free, on your Virgin Mobile.

How to set a voicemail PIN

  1. Hold down 1 for voicemail or dial 222 on your mobile.
  2. Choose option 3: Settings & Features.
  3. Follow the instructions to create a 4 to 10 digit PIN. You’ll use this to access your voicemail, even from another phone.

Remember, your PIN can’t be:

  • 7890, 2580 or 1210.
  • An old voicemail PIN of yours or any part of your mobile number.

The same number repeated (4444) or a sequence up or down (1234, 9876).

How to increase ringing time before voicemail

Everyone can add 30 seconds ring time, including you. Just dial 61+447953222222*30#

And if you got your SIM card after December 2017, you can also extend your ring time by:

  • +10 seconds, dial: *61+4474583332221110#
  • +15 seconds: *61+4474583332221115#
  • +20 seconds: *61+4474583332221120#
  • +25 seconds: *61+4474583332221125#
  • +30 seconds: *61+4474583332221130#

Picking up messages: how to listen to voicemails

What’s a voicemail box number?

If you can call voicemail by holding down 1, the full contact number (the box number) is stored in your mobile. Here’s what it is, if you got your SIM card…

  • After December 2017: +447 45833 3222.
  • Or before: +447 95322 2222.

For help saving the box number to your voicemail settings or phone book, text 07533 016 422* – help’s available Monday to Friday (7am to 11pm), Saturday and Sunday (8am to 8pm). Or call us. Dial 789 free on your Virgin Mobile, 0345 6000 789* – lines open from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday; to 8pm Saturday; to 6pm Sunday.

*Call costs may vary.

Voicemail features

You’ve Voicemail Plus, giving you room for 30 messages, up to 3 minutes long. You have 3 weeks to listen to them for the first time before they’re automatically deleted, then 21 days to keep them when you’ve heard the message.

Here’s what else you can do with your mobile’s voicemail….

How to turn off Virgin Mobile voicemail

  • Sign in on Your Account > Manage My Services > Voicemail, you can switch it off there.
  • Or dial 789 (free on your Virgin Mobile) and ask us to turn off your voicemail for you.

How to access my voicemail on O2

If your household is with both Virgin Media and O2 and you have Volt benefits, you can learn more about setting up and managing your voicemail on the O2 site.

*Call costs may vary.

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