How to use Virgin Mobile parental controls

Parental controls are designed to keep you and your family safe from 18+ only content.

So we’ve broken the topic down into a useful guide around how to turn on parental controls on your Virgin Mobile, and other useful features Virgin Media offer when it comes to safety.

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What are Virgin Mobile parental controls?

At Virgin Mobile we're dedicated to looking after our customers in a socially responsible way.

So, to help us protect customers who are under 18, we allow parents to restrict access to sites containing adult material such as gambling sites. Both our mobile and broadband parental controls help to keep your family safe when online.

How do parental controls work?

When Parental control is turned on, a restriction page will be displayed in your browser when a site has been blocked.

For secure sites (HTTPS) that contain adult content, you might get a 'cannot open page' or 'site can't be reached' message in your browser instead of our restriction page.

Parental control may not block mobile apps as these connect to dedicated servers. For details on how to set restrictions on mobile devices and manage access to apps see the internet matters advice on parental controls.

How to turn on Virgin Mobile parental controls

If you’d like to change the Parental control settings on your mobile account:

Then follow the instructions to turn on parental controls.

You can also call 0345 6000 789* from your child’s phone to turn on parental controls.

*Call costs may vary

How to change parental controls on Virgin Mobile

If you’d like to change the Parental control setting:

To turn Parental control off we'll ask you to confirm some details so we can check that you’re 18 or over, and once this is done, we’ll make the change to your Parental control setting.

Changes to the Parental control setting usually take around two hours to update, but sometimes can take a little longer.

Useful mobile parental control FAQs

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