Virgin Mobile device guide

Your mobile, tablet, even the gift included with your Virgin Media plan, should have a dedicated device guide.

Your device guide
To open the right guide, just tap the manufacturer, then the device.

As well as getting the most relevant and specific advice available, you could see each step online – most instructions are interactive, showing you precisely where to tap your screen, keyboard or controller.

Is your device broken?
Try getting to the bottom of it with the troubleshooting bit of the guide. Whether it’s smashed, water damaged or has something wrong with its hardware or software, answering our multiple choice questions could help you figure out a fix. At the very least, you could find out potential causes and whether you’re covered by warranty.

Any questions?
Ask away – the search bar at the top of the device guide will suggest topics for you to look at. Or browse the Step-by-Step section for how to set up your device, use all its features, perfect your accessibility or privacy settings.

Need to check it’s compatible with an app?
All your device’s technical information is also mentioned in its guide, including your type of operating system and software.

To open the right guide, just tap the manufacturer, then the device. You’ll probably recognise its photo, if not by name – your mobile or tablet, your smart watch, speaker, games console or mobile WiFi Hub. Another gadget.

Alternatively, the I Don’t Know option can take you straight to your mobile’s help guide. Just search your phone’s IMEI number – dialling *#06# on your mobile will give you all 15-digits needed.

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