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What is a Spending Cap?

A Spending Cap is a limit on the charges you can pay outside of your monthly plan. You can set a spending limit per month.

How to add a Spending Cap to my Virgin Mobile account

To help you keep an eye on your spending, you’ve got the handy option of setting a Spending Cap on your monthly bill – this can be anything between £0 - £100 per month.

You can also add to or amend your Spending Cap.

So what happens when I reach my Spending Cap?
We’ll send you a text to let you know when you’ve used 80% of your cap amount, and then another when you’ve used 100% of your cap amount. If these two things happen at the same time, or in quick succession; for example if you’ve set a low cap amount and you’re calling a premium number, you may only get one notification. If you’ve set your cap at £0, you’ll only receive the 100% text.

When you reach your Spending Cap, you won’t be able do anything that could result in an out-of-allowance usage charge on your bill. This includes calling or texting premium or international numbers and roaming outside of the EU. You’ll still be able to use your in-allowance services, free services, call emergency numbers and buy data add-ons.

This limit will last until either you increase or remove your Spending Cap. If you’re removing or increasing your Spending Cap, this will take effect immediately. If you decrease your cap amount, or add a brand new cap, the change will take effect from your next bill refresh date.

The best place to find out when your bill is due is by using the My Virgin Media app.

I want to add a Spend Cap to my Volt package

If your household is with both Virgin Media and O2 with Volt benefits, you can now choose to apply a Spend Cap with your O2 monthly tariff, to help control your spend on out-of-bundle charges. Any chargeable usage outside your monthly allowance or outside of any Bolt On allowance will count towards your Spend Cap.

We’ll text you when our systems detect that you’ve used 50% of your Spend Cap, and again if you use 100%. If you set a £0 Spend Cap, or once you reach 100% of your Spend Cap, any further chargeable out-of-bundle usage will not be possible. This means that if you use up your monthly allowance and any Bolt On allowance, any additional chargeable usage will be barred.

What do spending caps cover?

Spending Caps stop you from being charged for usage beyond a limit specified by you, each month. Charges covered by the cap includes, but is not limited to, going out of your allowance by calling or texting premium or international numbers or roaming outside of the EU. For more detail on what is and isn’t covered, visit our Legal Stuff webpage.

Where can I manage my caps settings?

The best way to view and manage your cap is via the Virgin Mobile app. Just navigate to the Plan tab, and tap Controls to get to set or change your Spending Cap.

Alternatively you can log in online to Your Account. If you set a Spending Cap in Your Account, you can change it later using the Virgin Mobile app.

Additional Spending Caps FAQs

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