How to move home with Virgin Media

Moving can be stressful enough without having to sort out new broadband, home phone and TV services. That’s why we’ve made moving home with Virgin Media as simple as possible.

Is Virgin Media available in my area?

Before you move home, check to see if you can get Virgin Media at your new address.

Simply enter your new postcode into the textbox below and click Find address.

Moving home with Virgin Media is easy

Get ready to move with Virgin Media in just a few simple steps:

Where are you moving to?

Check if Virgin Media is available at your new home by entering your postcode into the textbox above.

When are you moving?

When moving address, give us as much notice as possible so we can get everything ready on your selected date.

What package?

Continue the same contract at the same price or change it up – it’s up to you. There’s a one-off charge of £20 to move your service.

You're good to go! Take your equipment with you. We’ll get you up and running on the day agreed.

Already told us about your move?

Need to make changes to your move application or talk to us about your move, Let’s Chat

Moving Home with Virgin Media FAQs

Find out what you need to do when you move, and how moving can affect your Virgin Media services.

Before you book

During your move

Leaving Virgin Media

If Virgin Media isn’t available at your new address, you’ll need to cancel your Virgin Media service. Unfortunately, if you’re still in your minimum term, that means you might need to pay some additional charges to end your contract early.

Learn more about leaving Virgin Media when you move below.

Charges and Contracts

Cancelling or delaying a move

Your Bills

How moving affects your bill depends on whether you’re taking Virgin Media with you to your new address or leaving us.

Getting Set up at your new home