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London broadband issue

We’re back online.

VM Support


Cause of outage:

Some customers in parts of London experienced an issue with their broadband.

This meant they may have still been connected to their Hub but not had access to the internet, so webpages and other services didn't load.

Some TV services were also impacted. We're sorry about this.


Latest update 

Date: 25 June 2020

Time of update: 16:25

We’re pleased to say the London broadband issue is now fixed. We’re sorry once again and we realise this was a frustrating situation for those affected.

Previous update

Date: 25 June 2020

Time of update: 11:50

We’re urgently looking into the cause of the problem and fixing it as quickly as possible. We know this is frustrating and we’re really sorry.


Other ways to connect to WiFi

During the outage, you can take advantage of our WiFi hotspots and our TV on demand services, so you can still get access to our services. 

Mobile/Desktop only wrapper - from Extra small breakpoint - to Small breakpoint
Mobile/Desktop only wrapper - from Small breakpoint - to No limit breakpoint
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