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It’s coming home…
Sky Sports and BT Sport are back!

If you paused Sky Sports, BT Sport or both with us, we’ve applied a credit to your bills to cover what you’d usually pay for your Sky Sports or BT Sport pack each month.

Now that sports are beginning to kick off again, your subscription to these services will be too, so you can no longer pause your subscriptions here.

Sports Pause FAQs

Due to the coronavirus situation in the UK, live sport was temporarily suspended in March 2020. Virgin Media gave customers the opportunity to receive bill credits so that they were not paying for their Sports services from the period of getting the first credit to the resumption of live sports. You will have seen the full charge on your bill and a separate credit.

Due to the coronavirus situation in the UK, live sport was temporarily suspended in March 2020. Live sport is set to return to your screens in June, including the return of Premier League football from 17th June. The return of sports means that customers who requested to pause their subscription will resume paying for these services and can enjoy the action Sky Sports and BT Sport as normal.

We will email customers that have paused their sports subscription informing them of the relevant dates relating to their subscription pause and what they’ll see on any future bills. The process of unpausing Sky Sports and BT Sport will differ slightly in accordance Virgin Media’s agreements with Sky and BT, but be reassured that customers will be charged for Sports no earlier than 19th June.

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The English Premier League is the most watched sport in the UK. Both Sky Sports and BT Sport will be showing a number of live Premier League games. In addition to this you’ll be able to watch all other live sport that returns in line with your subscription.

These promotion discounts continued to be active during your sports subscription, but the credit applied to your account during the pause period means that you have not paid for these services whilst you have been paused.

When applying the pause to customer accounts we checked to ensure that customers had the credits that they were requesting a pause for. If these services were not on your account you would not have been eligible for the pause credit. We also ensured that the customer details were correct so any information that was inputted incorrectly when requesting the pause could mean that we were unable to apply the credit to your account