How to use Info Banner on the Virgin TV box

Learn all you need to know about using the info banner on the Virgin Media V6 and TiVo box.

What is the Info Banner?

The Info Banner appears whenever you change channel, showing you what’s on now and what’s coming up. You can also use it to get a summary of the show you’re on, set recordings, use subtitles, or turn on audio description.

How to use the Info Banner on the V6 and TiVo box

Using the Info Banner on your Virgin Media TV box is easy:

• The Info Banner appears automatically whenever you change channel.

• To see the full banner, simply press Info on your remote

• To hide the banner, just press Left or Clear

• Use Up and Down to scroll through the icons

What are the Info Banner options?

You can use the Info Banner to setup and check the following:

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