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How do I pay my Virgin Media bill?

Make a payment

The easiest way to stay on top of your bills is by setting up a Direct Debit. This means that your payments will automatically leave your account on a monthly basis.

You can set up a Direct Debit online through your My Virgin Media account, just register or sign in to start.

More on paying by Direct Debit

Take me to My Virgin Media

Help registering or signing in to My Virgin Media

For more ways to pay, check out the sections below for an option that suits you best.

Looking for help with paying your Virgin Mobile bill? Just check out the link below for more details.

How to pay my Virgin Mobile bill online

Paying by card couldn’t be simpler. You can use any of the following card types to make a payment towards your broadband, TV and home phone services.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro

Your card provider may need extra information from you before the payment is approved.

NOTE: Not all pre-pay cards will be accepted and it may take up to 9 hours for the payment to be updated on your account.

If you want to make a one-off card payment you can sign in to My Virgin Media and follow the simple steps below:

  1. Register or sign in to My Virgin Media
  2. Under the My Latest Bill section click Go to My Bills. (If you're a non-Direct Debit customer, you may also see a Make a Payment button at the top of the page . In which case you can skip straight to instruction number 5)
  3. Click the drop down on the Total payments since latest bill tab
  4. Click Let’s make a payment
  5. Enter the amount you wish to pay (without the £ sign)
  6. Enter your card details
  7. Click Continue
  8. Make sure all the payment details are correct and then click Pay Now
  9. If required by your card provider you may need to complete further information before the payment is approved
  10. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can print confirmation of your payment

NOTE FOR DIRECT DEBIT CUSTOMERS: Making a card payment online will not reduce or cancel any pending direct debit payment on your account.

Take me to My Virgin Media

If you don’t have your My Virgin Media details to hand, don’t worry – you can still make a one-off payment through the link below. Remember, you’ll need to have this info handy.

  • 12-digit payment reference – find it on the back of a paper bill or in your email notifications if you get your bills online
  • Area reference
  • Account holder’s last name
  • Email address
  • Debit or credit card

Make a one-off card payment

You can call our dedicated automated payment line on 0800 064 3777. It’s available to use all day, every day.

Just make sure you have your account number and area reference number to hand. You can find these details at the top right hand corner of your bill.

Once you’ve made a payment, we can store your card details to make it even quicker and easier next time round.

Remember, paying by Direct Debit is by far the easiest and most hassle-free way to pay for your Virgin Media services. It’s really easy to set up, too. Simply register or sign in to your My Virgin Media account.

If good old fashioned cash suits you best, there are two easy ways to pay using a paper bill:

  • PayPoint
    Simply take any paper bill with a barcode on it to any bank or PayPoint outlet. PayPoint outlets can be found in your local convenience store, newsagent, supermarket or garage. To find your nearest PayPoint outlet, see the back of your bill, or visit the PayPoint website. If you pay through PayPoint, it should reach us the next working day.

  • At a bank
    Just complete the payment slip at the bottom of your paper bill and take it along to your branch. Paying in this way takes a little bit longer to reach us - it should reach us the next working day.

  • At a Post Office
    Simply take any paper bill with a barcode on it to any Post Office. If you pay your bill at a Post Office, it should reach us the next working day.

NOTE: The Post Office may ask you to pay a fee for this service

Want to pay your bill by cheque? Please make sure you write your name, account number and post code on the back of your cheque. This way, your payment will reach your account as soon as possible.

Fill in your payment slip from your paper bill, and take along with your cheque to your bank. Alternatively you can send the cheque and payment slip straight to us at:

Virgin Media Payments Ltd
PO Box 4014
BN13 1WE

NOTE: Sending a cheque to any other address or failing to enclose the payment slip could delay or prevent the payment from reaching your account.

You can pay your bill using your internet or phone banking service by using the following details:

NOTE: If you're using internet banking, you may have to first select "Virgin Media (1)" as the company to pay.

  • The Virgin Media Payments Ltd bank account number: 23494314
  • The Virgin Media Payments Ltd sort code number: 20-13-42
  • Your 14-digit payment reference number

If you receive paper bills you’ll find your 14 digit payment reference on the back of page 1 of your bill.

If you get your bills online, find your 12-digit payment reference then add your 2-digit area reference to the end to get your 14-digit payment reference. You can find both of these references in your billing notification email. 

A payment reference number allows us to match up any bill payments you make to your account.

The payment reference required when paying for your broadband, TV and home phone services will depend on the payment method you’re using at the time.

The reference will be made up of a combination of up to 3 pieces of information:

Element Format Example
Virgin Media Account Number 9 digits 123456789
Statement Code  3 digits




Area Reference 2 digits





All Virgin Media references will start with your account number and be combined with one or more of the other elements – as shown below.

Payment method Required reference Example
Cash VM account number + Statement Code




Card VM account number + Statement Code




Payment via bank


(Online or via your banking app)

VM account number + Statement Code + Area Ref




Direct Debit VM account number + Statement Code




The time it takes for a payment to be shown on your account depends on the method you used to make the payment.

The below table indicates the usual timelines for payments to be processed. If you’ve made a payment which isn’t showing on your account, and the relevant period below has passed, please see our Payment not showing article.

Payment Method Total time it could take
Credit Card Depending on the time of day it could take up to 9 hours to be visible on your account balance. Between 8am and 10pm this is reduced to 2 hours
Cash – PayPoint The payment should show on your account before 5pm on the next working day
Cash – Bank The payment should show on your account before 5pm on the next working day
Cash – Post Office The payment should show on your account before 5pm on the next working day
Cheque – Bank The payment should show on your account before 5pm on the next working day
Cheque – via the post

Depending on postage times it could take more than 16 days to show on your account


NOTE: Second class mail can take up to 15 days to be delivered so the time this will take relies solely on how long it takes for royal mail to make the delivery.

Pay by bank


(Online or via your banking app)

The payment should show on your account before 5pm on the next working day

As a Direct Debit is activated from our systems, the payment is reflected on your account as soon as the payment has been created. This will be 2 working days before being claimed from your bank. If the Direct Debit fails a payment, this will also show on your account.

Virgin Media is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud. This is achieved through enforcing tight controls on the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data that businesses handle. PCI DSS is intended to protect sensitive cardholder data.

Being compliant with PCI DSS means that Virgin Media is doing its best to keep our customers’ valuable information safe and out of the hands of people who could use that data in a fraudulent way. Not holding on to data reduces the risk that our customers will be affected by fraud.

If you’re attempting to make the payment online or through our dedicated automated payment line, please take care when entering your details. Invalid data or card type will result in a payment failure. You’ll be allowed to re-attempt the transaction following a failure.

If you’ve entered the right information but your payment continues to decline, you’ll need to contact your card provider directly to find out why. If your card issuer declines your payment they won’t give us the details, only that the payment could not be processed.

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