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I want to understand my Virgin Mobile allowances

Whenever you use the internet on your phone and you're not connected to WiFi, you use your mobile data allowance. We measure mobile data in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). A MB is 1024 KB, and a GB is roughly 1024 MB. If your plan includes a data allowance, once your allowance is used up you'll be charged for any extra data you use. You can check how much you'll be charged here.

Your bill will show how much mobile data you've used per hour, and each amount will be labelled as "using the internet" – but it won’t show any details such as exactly when your mobile was connected or what websites or apps were used.

You'll use mobile data whenever your device connects to the mobile network and isn't connected to WiFi. It'll be used for things like reading and sending emails, checking social media, watching streamed videos, listening to streamed music, or just generally browsing the web.

Your phone may be using mobile data in the background without you doing anything - this can be when your mobile checks for things like new emails, or gets an updated weather forecast. You'll be able to stop your phone from doing this in its settings.

If you connect your mobile device to WiFi it won’t use any mobile data – so save your data allowance (and your bill!) by using WiFi whenever you can. The Virgin Media Connect app can help you find and connect to free WiFi wherever you are.

When you're using WiFi it's a good idea to switch off your mobile data, particularly if your data allowance is low. It'll save battery power, and it'll save your mobile data from kicking in if you go out of range of WiFi.

For detailed pricing information for all call charges and tariff tables, take a look at our handy Pay Monthly Tariff Guide.


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