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How do I back up my mobile phone?

It’s important to back up your phone regularly so if you lose or damage it, all of your important documents, emails, photos and more can be recovered. It also makes things easier when you change your handset.

You can do this manually by using an external hard drive, such as a USB stick or connecting your phone to a PC through a USB cable and saving your data straight to your computer.

Most smart phones have a step during set up (when you turn the phone on for the first time) prompting you to set up backup storage for the device so you may have already done this. If you skipped the step, it’s easy to do. The steps vary slightly depending on the operating system you’re using, although all operating systems offer some variation of cloud storage as an alternative to a hard drive. See below for more details.

There are two main ways to back up your iPhone.


To back up your iPhone through iCloud, go to your phones settings - iCloud - Storage & Backup then turn the iCloud Backup switch on. Your device will now automatically back up your photos, contacts, iMessages and settings content when it is charging and connected to Wi-Fi.


You can back up your iPhone manually through iTunes, all you need to do is, connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable, open up iTunes and wait for your device to pop up. Once it’s visible, in the Summary field, click Back Up Now. It might take a while, but when it's finished, you'll have a complete backup of your phone on your computer.

The path may vary slightly depending on your handset make and model. For more details, check out Virgin Mobile phone support.

To back up photos, videos and music on an Android phone, all you need to do is access your Google account and enable Google Photos to back up photos and video, enable Google Play Music to back up music.

To back up a Windows phone, go to Settings, then, scroll down to backup.

In backup there are three different sections:

apps + settings

text messages

photos + videos

Each section will show the status backup on or backup off. Change all of the options to backup on.

You will then be able to restore all of your backed up data to a new windows phone by signing into your windows account.

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