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How Data Rollover Works

What is Data Rollover?

With Data Rollover, you won't lose unused inclusive data you've paid for when your monthly allowances refresh. Instead, you'll pocket this unused data to use next month.

Can I rollover data on any 4G plan?

Yes you can. And what’s more, there’s no limit to the amount of data you can carry over from your data allowance. You will only rollover your basic regular data – not any promotional data.

Will my rolled over data accumulate month on month?

Any unused rollover data expires at the end of the month. It rolls over for one month only.

If there was a double data promotion when I purchased my plan, will I rollover the doubled amount or just the ‘regular’ amount?

You will only rollover your basic regular data – not any promotional data.

When I change to a new plan, will my data rollover amount start again?

It will, and you’ll retain any leftover data from your previous plan. So if you have 1GB remaining, and you move down to a new plan, you keep that remaining 1GB and can use it on your new plan.

If I cancel my 30 day contract, will I still have data on day 31?

Rollover is only available while there is an active plan. If it is cancelled your data rollover will be removed too.

If I upgrade to a new phone on a Freestyle Contract from a SIM Only plan, will my data still rollover?

Yes, you will still rollover your data.

Will my data be rounded up or down when it rolls over?

Up! The data rollover feature will be applied in bandings, depending on the quantity of data that you roll over that month. So if you have 23MB left, you may rollover 25MB.

What will I see on my bill?

Any data usage will appear as normal on your bill, you will also see your Data Rollover allowance next to your Minutes, Text and Data allowances.

How will I know how much data I have rolled over?

You can see how much data you’ve saved for next month in the Virgin Mobile app. We’ll tell you when we've refreshed your allowances. We'll then text you when you've finished with your rolled-over data and started using your usual data allowance.

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