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Sending your mobile back for repairs

Think there is something wrong with your device? See Virgin Mobile Phone Fix for help.

If you have to send in your device for repair, we want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible for you. Please see below for guidance:

1. Back everything up (or lose it all)

When we receive your phone, everything on it will be erased. So before you send it to us, save all your important details such as contacts, photos, downloads and anything else you want to keep. We recommend that you factory reset your handset before sending it to us, so you can protect your personal data.You can back-up the files to your computer or save everything onto your online account.

See Virgin Mobile phone support for details on how to do this for your phone.

2. Deactivate any security features

Some mobiles come with extra security settings – things like Find my iPhone and Reactivation Lock. It’s really important that you turn these settings off before sending us your phone. If they’re switched on when it arrives then we might not be able to do the repair, and we might need to charge you.

3. Check and fill in your Repair Form

Have a look at the Repair Form, check your contact details are correct and tell us more about the issue with your phone in the comments box.

4. Remove these bits from your phone

Here are a few bits and pieces we won’t need when we’re fixing your phone. So keep these safe with you at home.

  • SIM card
  • Data card
  • Back cover (if removable)
  • Battery (if removable)
  • Headphones
  • Any phone cover, but only if it comes off

5. Pack everything up

Pack your phone in the box we’ve sent you then pop it into the Royal Mail postal bag and seal it up. It’s really important to use the packaging we provide to return your phone as there are new laws that set out how lithium batteries, like the one in your phone, are transported.

For all repairs we’ll need:

  • Complete Repair Form
  • Mobile phone without the charger or battery (unless it’s fitted in)

If your phone has an issue with powering on or other power related issue we’ll also need your:

  • Phone charger
  • Battery (keep this inside your phone, and make sure your phone is switched off)

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