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Virgin TV Kids app

The Virgin TV Kids app is available at no extra cost to all Virgin TV customers who have the Fun or Full House TV package.

The app has a kid friendly design and allows children to view loads of on demand kids’ TV, play games or read picture books in a safe environment with no ads or inappropriate content. Each child can create their own profile too. The app is aimed at children aged 3-7 years old.

We have all their favourite channels such as Cartoonito, Nick Jr, Milkshake and TinyPop. Some of the shows available include Pingu, Fireman Sam and PAW Patrol. There are also books and games available to keep the little ones entertained.

You can watch TV on up to 4 compatible devices via WiFi, 3G or 4G in the UK. Data charges may apply if you watch via a mobile network.

We have also kept security settings locked so that only an adult can access them by doing a simple maths quiz.

The app is available to download now on iPhone or Ipad devices running iOS 8 or above through the Apple Store and Android devices running Android 4.1 or above through the Google Play Store.

App Store  Google Play

Please make sure you’re using the latest version of the app as older versions may not work. The Virgin TV Kids app isn’t available on Amazon Kindle Fire, Blackberry or Windows Phones or tablets, or laptops and computers.

The app has been tested on a range of different flagship mobiles and tablets and will work on the majority of iOS and Android devices. If advised, you should update your operating system to ensure that the Virgin TV Kids app continues to work correctly.

If you're not sure which version of the Android operating system (OS) you have:

  1. Open your phone settings menu on your device.
  2. Select About device (in General on iOS, under System in Android)

Please also ensure you have enough device space to download the app.

If you have an Android device you will need to download the app to your device, and not the SD card. If you have issues with this you can remove the SD card to force the app to save to your device.

For security reasons and to protect the rights of our content partners Virgin TV Kids is not supported on jailbroken or rooted devices, where unauthorised modifications have been made to the operating system.

You can register up to 4 devices (mobile or tablet) to watch TV. You can watch on 2 at the same time.

Once you have registered all 4 devices, you can make 1 device change each calendar month. You can make a device change by going into settings in the app.

You can only stream TV shows whilst connected to WiFi or 3G/4G mobile networks within the UK. Data charges may apply if you watch via a mobile network. The app is set to allow streaming on WiFi only by default, but you can change this in Settings.

If you download shows to your device, you can watch them when offline (not connected to the internet).

If your device is online, then you need to be in the UK to watch TV or downloads, play games or read books. Therefore if you are outside the UK, you may need to put your device into airplane mode or turn off WiFi or mobile connection in settings on your device to use the app outside the UK.

You will need to sign into the app using your primary Virgin Media username and password.  Secondary My Virgin Media will not work. The username is the email address you will have used when you registered for My Virgin Media.

If you haven’t already registered for My Virgin Media or have forgotten your details, you can get help here.

Once you have signed in, you will be asked to create a profile for your child.

You can create separate profiles for each child and create as many as you like. You can create a nickname, select a character buddy and select a different background colour for each child.

To swap between each account, just select the character at the top left hand corner on the app. You can create different profiles for each child and it will remember the last shows, books or games viewed by that profile; however, downloaded shows save to your device, and will be viewable by all profiles.

There are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do this within the Settings section of the app

If you have an Android device and don’t yet have OS 5.0 Lollipop, you may need to download an app that enables you to do this.

For children older than 7 we have got them covered, content is available on Virgin TV Anywhere.

Shows that can be downloaded will have a download symbol next to the show under the heart. When this is selected, an adult will be asked to complete a simple Maths question to download that episode.

To see your downloaded shows, select the Search icon on the right hand side and tap the Downloads toggle on the left hand side.

Once you download a programme you will have a maximum of 30 days to watch it. Once you have started watching a programme you will have 48 hours to watch it before it expires and deletes off your device. You can download the same show a maximum of twice.

Shows can only be downloaded via WiFi, 3G or 4G within the UK. The default app setting is to download via WiFi only; however, you can change this in settings to allow shows to be downloaded via 3G or 4G. Please note data charges from your mobile phone carrier may apply if you use 3G or 4G.

How much space does a download use?

It depends on the length of the show. Most shows are between 5-11 minutes. As a guide, a 20 minute show takes up around 150mb of space.

Downloads need to be saved to your device, they cannot be saved to an SD card if you have an Android device. If you have any issues, remove the SD card to force it to download to your device.

You can check the settings of your device to see how much storage space you have available. If you do not have enough storage space you will see an error message when you attempt to download a show telling you that there is insufficient space.

To make it easy for you or your child to get to the shows they love, you can select the heart symbol next to a show to add it to favourites. These shows will then appear in the favourite’s area of the app, which can be found by tapping on the heart symbol in the menu bar.

How many times can I repeat a show?

You can watch shows as often as you want.

When you play a show, you will see in the top right corner a repeating symbol. When selected, it will repeat 5 times. This makes it easier for your child to watch their favourite show several times in a row.

If you lose or change your mobile or tablet, you’ll need to download the app again. You'll need to delete the old device and register your new device if you want to watch shows on the app.

To delete your old device, you will need to go into the settings area of the app, and select device management to delete the old device. Your new device will automatically register when you watch a show.

Unfortunately the programs in the app are copy-protected by the owners of the content, and can only be watched on a mobile or tablet.

Usage history tells you how many hours your child has spent on games, books or TV in the past 7 days. This is switched off by default, but you can switch it on in Settings.

If your device supports accessibility services such as Voiceover, large text, zoom, inverted colours etc, then our app will work with these services.

If you are having issues using the app you can check to see whether there are service outages here.

Or you can call us on 150 from your Virgin Media phone or mobile, or 0345 454 1111* from any other phone

*For details about how much it costs to call our team from a Virgin Media home phone, visit Call costs from other networks and mobiles vary.

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