To personalise your box’s audio settings:

  1. Press Home on the remote
  2. Select Help & Settings
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Audio

The settings you can change are:

Alternate audio
Some shows are broadcast with more than one audio track, like audio descriptions or language tracks. When alternate tracks are available, you’ll see the Audio Icon lit white in the Info Banner. The Default Audio Language setting lets you choose which audio language track is played out by default. The default setting is English.

Dolby Digital for HDMI output
Got a surround sound system? Use this setting to choose how your box will output sound. When your box is connected to your surround sound system, choose Dolby Digital. If your box is connected directly to your TV, choose Dolby Digital to PCM. This setting applies to both HDMI and optical out.

Sound effects
volumeIf you’d like to change the volume of your box’s sound effects (the sounds on your TV when you use the remote), or turn them off completely, you can do that here. The default setting is Medium.