Disable broadcast of SSID

Every WiFi router has a name, or Service Set Identifier (SSID), and this is what you and other users will see when scanning for available WiFi networks. The list of names shown is all the networks your computer or device is able to 'see'.

Every Virgin Media Hub is preconfigured with its own SSID (often found on the underside of the unit), but this can be changed manually after the WiFi router has been set up. If you use the Super Hub – the default SSID is 'virginmediaxxxxxxx', where each 'x' represents a digit. The default SSID for the Super Hub 2 / Super Hub 2ac is VMxxxxxxxx2G or VMxxxxxxxx5G. The default SSID for the Hub 3.0 is VMxxxxxxx.

One way of protecting your WiFi network is to stop the transmission of your SSID. This makes your WiFi network invisible to neighbours and other people might be within its reach. You should be able to connect more people to your network, but they’ll only be able to access it they know the SSID.

Stopping the broadcast of your SSID doesn’t guarantee that your WiFi network is secure, and isn’t a substitute for using a strong encryption method (see above). But it can provide an extra layer of protection. A hacker with WiFi ‘snooping’ software could still pick up on the signal being broadcast by your WiFi router.

To disable the broadcast of your WiFi router's SSID, you need to access your WiFi router's administration interface. The details you’ll need are printed on the underside of your router or on the side of the Hub.

For more details on how to disable the broadcast of the SSID see, Turn off the broadcast of the WiFi network name (SSID) on your Virgin Media Hub