Use WPA2 encryption

The most common way to protect a WiFi network is to enable the WiFi router's built-in encryption options. Encryption means that the WiFi signal is scrambled so that unauthorised computers and devices are unable to understand the data being transmitted across your WiFi network. The computers and devices you want to be able to access your network are set up so that they can unscramble the WiFi signal – meaning that you can connect to the WiFi network without any problems.

There are several ways to encrypt your router’s signal – WPA2, WPA and WEP. We recommend using WPA2, and this is enabled by default on all Virgin Media Hubs.

WPA2 works on the latest WiFi equipment and operating systems but both WPA and WPA2, combined with a unique passphrase, make it almost impossible for anyone unauthorised to gain access to your WiFi network. For more information about WPA2, WPA and WEP, see WiFi encryption options.