Call, Texts and Data Costs


Service Costs
Making a call no more than 40p per minute*
Recieving a call Free
Sending a Text no more than 15p per message
Sending a Picture Message 30p per message
Data £2 per 200MB each day you use data on your phone. If you use more than 200MB, you’ll pay another £2

Other Call Costs


Service Costs
Receiving voicemail messages is free of charge. Listening to voicemail will be charged at the call rate for the region you're in.
Calls to our team 789 Free
Calls to our team +44 7458 333 789 No more than 40p per minute*
Roaming Costs Info via +44 7458 333 201 Free
Emergency Services via 112 Free


*Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute


Data Capping

When roaming, we'll help you to avoid surprise mobile bills by capping your data use. We'll text you when you've reached 80% of the data cap, and we'll text you again once you've reached the data cap. Once you've hit the roaming data cap, you can text YES to 23457 to turn the data cap off. Or, to switch your roaming data cap on, just text NO to 23457. Our tariff guide lists the data cap values – check it out here if you're a pay monthly customer, or here if you're a PAYG customer.