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Discover how Virgin Media is teaming up with Carers UK to help the millions of unpaid carers to support those in need

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Across the UK, around 6.5 million people provide unpaid care to friends and family members. But with a staggering 8 in 10 reporting feelings of loneliness and isolation, and more than 70% experiencing a negative effect on their mental health, it’s clear that more needs to be done to support those who care for others.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Carers UK – the UK’s leading charity for unpaid carers – to help raise awareness of this unseen community, and offer support, guidance and resources to bring carers and community members closer.


Read on to discover how we’re helping build meaningful connections to improve carers’ lives across the UK.


Keeping carers connected

As part of our commitment to deliver better digital services for carers, we’re working with Carers UK to build upon and develop their existing app, Jointly. Built by carers for carers, Jointly brings group messaging, to-do lists, information on medication and more under one roof.


Through our partnership, Virgin Media will refine the app to make it even better and work to boost the number of carers who use it.


Making the unseen seen

Did you know that every day, another 6,000 people take on a caring responsibility? That’s more than 2 million people every year.


On average, it can take over two years for an unpaid carer to formally recognise themselves as such, which means many people are unaware of the life-changing support, resources and guidance available in those critical early years.


With loneliness, social isolation and mental and physical ill health sadly commonplace among unpaid carers, it’s vital we turn this around. That’s why we’re creating a campaign to raise awareness about – and educate our customers on – unpaid carers and everything they do. Together, we can work to halve the time it takes to get unpaid carers to identify themselves and get the help they need sooner.


Read our story on the upcoming UK Census 2021 for more on why it’s so important that people identify as an unpaid carer.


Improving the work/care balance

For the UK’s unpaid carers, juggling work and care responsibilities can lead to carers reducing their work hours, or even resigning outright. No one in this situation should be struggling to make ends meet. As part of our partnership, we will collaborate with our community leads, local authorities, the government and industry figures to promote Carers UK’s Employers for Carers programme.


Designed to foster more carer-friendly workplaces and working practices, we’ll work to get as many businesses, institutions and local authorities signed up to the programme as possible, to equip organisations with the right tools and knowledge to care for their unpaid carer employees.


Virgin Media & Carers UK

Find out how we’re teaming up with Carers UK to help build meaningful connections to help make life better for 1 million carers by the end of 2025.

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