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Feel-good stand-up specials to stream right now!

Feel-good stand-up specials to stream right now!

From storytelling masters to edgy up-and-comers, we bring you the best stand-up specials to stream on BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Prime Video and All 4!

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While the comedy clubs and the comics that take to their stages are off limits for the foreseeable future, through the power of raw, unfiltered telly magic, you can still enjoy said comics from the comfort of your very own home!


Intimate and amazing (if slightly strange) as a set from Michael McIntyre in your very own living room would be, as compromises go, being able to stream all manner of stand-up specials from the finest streaming services isn’t too shabby at all.

So kick back, relax, and get ready for some serious laughs with this feel-good list of stupendous stand-up specials that’ll have you gripping your sides in no time…


Asian Network’s Big Comedy Night

Find in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

This hilarious (and suitably big) night of comedy features a smorgasbord of up-and-comers such as Sunil Patel, Ria Lina, Jamie D’Souza and a whole lot more. Well worth a watch.


Dara Ó Briain: Voice Of Reason

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Take your imaginary seat on the front row of the Hammersmith Apollo for this cracking special that sees the beloved Irish comic tackle virtual reality and responding to news of your own death.


Frankie Boyle Live: Excited For You To See And Hate This

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

The typically sweary and always brilliant Scottish comic returns to the stage with this razor-sharp special from his hometown of Glasgow, where he comments on ageing, sex, and… buying a dog?


Jason Manford’s Muddle Class

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Classes collide in this brilliant set from Jason Manford, with the Manchester comic riffing on what it was like to grow up in a working-class household, only to realise you’ve become middle class as time has gone on!


Jim Smith Live From Perth

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Farmer and “part-time” comic Jim Smith concludes his acclaimed sell-out tour with this hometown gig from Perth.


Live From The BBC

Find series 3 in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Some of the best rising stars on the comedy circuit are at the top of their games in this cracking series filmed in the iconic Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House.


Live At The Apollo: Access All Areas

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

This brilliant special episode celebrates disabled comics from all 15 series of the showcase’s run so far, featuring stars such as Adam Hills, Rosie Jones and many, many more.


Peter Kay’s Stand-Up Comedy Shuffle

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Less a one-off special and more an entire series, this brilliant three-episode miniseries cuts together some of Kay’s best, most side-splitting skits and routines from his illustrious career so far.


Stand Up At BBC Wales

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Top-notch stand-up talent from Wales and further afield come together in this hilarious series of specials presented by acclaimed comic Kiri Pritchard-McLean.


Stand Up For Live Comedy

Find it in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Up-and-coming comics reflect on life in London before and during lockdown in this brilliant celebration of all things comedy in a particularly trying time. Great, uplifting stuff.


Vic Reeves Big Night Out

Find series 1 & 2 in Apps & Games > All 4

We know, we know. While it isn’t technically a stand-up set, this uh-mazing (and undoubtedly surreal) series of stage shows packed with sketches and co-starring the brilliant Bob Mortimer is not to be missed.


The Jack Dee Show

Find it in Apps & Games > All 4

Take another trip back to the 1990s with this dry but oh-so brilliant show that mixes music and comedy as the titular host waxes lyrical on all manner of topics and interviews a plethora of superstar musical guests.

Comedy Live Presents

Find it in Apps & Games > All 4

Russell Brand and a host of his comical friends come together for a fantastic variety performance in this classic comedy special from 2008.


Taxi Gags

Find it in Apps & Games > All 4

Some of the best comics around riff on any topic and subject of choice… from the back of a cab? Intimate, surreal, short and snappy and fun – this is a series of specials quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen.


Michael McIntyre: Showman

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

The legendary comic returns to the stage with this razor-sharp special that sees him talk family, tech, sharks, and everything in between.


James Acaster: Repetoire

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Four separate specials combine to make one ma-hoo-sive and suitably side-splitting set as the Kettering-based comic takes to the stage.


Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Who better to take the entirety of humanity to task than modern-day comedy legend and superstar Ricky Gervais, as he returns to the stage for the first time in far, far too long.


John Bishop: Supersonic Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

One of Liverpool’s greatest ever comic exports raises the roof at the iconic venue with a set packed with impressions, deeply personal stories and no shortage of laughs.


Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

See an early iteration of the latest and greatest US comic to take the world by storm in what went on to become Kevin Hart’s breakout special, at this packed-out gig from Cleveland, Ohio.


Dave Chappelle

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

The eponymous comedy icon is at the top of his game in this self-titled set that sees Chappelle tackle race relations and the state of the nation in his much-anticipated return to the stage.


Russell Howard: Recalibrate

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

When he’s not dissecting current events with this trademark wit, the Bristolian comic is taking a deep, unfiltered and no-holds-barred dive into his own life in hilarious specials like this.


Greg Davies: You Magnificent Beast

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

The former teacher and The Inbetweeners star talks disastrous dates and manscaping in this occasionally cringe-inducing but always exceptional comedy special.


Jack Whitehall: I’m Only Joking

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Whitehall returns to form as he takes to the stage to discuss his globetrotting travels with his father, life in hotels, and happy couples.


Jimmy Carr: Funny Business

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Expect cringe-inducing put-downs, plenty of heckles, and one of the quickest comic wits around as Jimmy Carr takes to the stage in this 2016 special.


Mo Gilligan: Momentum

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Tunes and tales combine in this brilliant breakout special from Mo Gilligan that sees him address grime, family gatherings and everything in between.


Daniel Sloss: Live Shows

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Prepare to hear some seriously edgy material as the Scottish comic dissects all manner of increasingly dark (but always funny) topics in his trademark style.


Trevor Noah: Son Of Patricia

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

The Daily Show host shares the many life lessons and pearls of wisdom passed on to him by his very own mother in this wholesome special.


Bill Burr: Paper Tiger

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

The foul-mouthed US comic and Breaking Bad star brings his cutting observations and on-the-edge witticisms to London’s Royal Albert Hall for this brilliant 2019 special.


John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Saturday Night Live writer Mulaney wows audiences once again as he returns to the stage for his third (and arguably best) comedy special, which sees him tackle babies (…not literally), marriage, and Bill Clinton.


Eddie Murphy: Delirious

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Journey back to a time when comedians performed specials in red leather jumpsuits with this legendary 1983 set from comedy icon Eddie Murphy.


Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Expect shrewd observations on school bullies and fancy children with this acclaimed special from Katherine Ryan.


Bo Burnham: Make Happy

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Less a stand-up special and more a laugh-filled sensory experience, the comic-turned-film director combines jokes, music and lighting to brilliant effect with this visionary set.


Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

The comic riffs on how she’s surviving her twenties and takes her life choices to task in this witty, self-deprecating set.


Hannah Gadsbury: Nanette

Find it in Apps & Games > Netflix

Punchlines and personal stories touching on gender, sexuality and childhood turmoil blend in this thought-provoking but hilarious special from Australian comic Hannah Gadsbury.


Joe Lycett: I’m About To Lose Control And I Think Joe Lycett

Find it in Apps & Games > Amazon Prime Video

Hot on the heels of his breakout, equally catchily titled special That’s The Way A-Ha A-Ha, Joe Lycett, the comic returns with another suitably hilarious set that sees him discuss painting, trolling, and more.


Sarah Millican: Control Enthusiast

Find it in Apps & Games > Amazon Prime Video

Nothing is off-limits for the acclaimed comic in her latest special, as she explores anything from IBS to road rage and how she lets her husband know that “tonight’s the night”…


Romesh Ranganathan: Irrational Live

Find it in Apps & Games > Amazon Prime Video

Everyone’s favourite comic called Romesh takes to the stage at the Hammersmith Apollo for a sell-out set in which he has a rant about Madonna, coffee shop strangers, and his own children.


Kevin Bridges: The Brand New Tour – Live

Find it in Apps & Games > Amazon Prime Video

Bridges returns with another smash-hit special from a sell-out tour with this exceptional (and pretty sweary) set from Glasgow’s Hydro Arena.


Josh Widdicombe: What Do I Do Now… Live

Find it in Apps & Games > Amazon Prime Video

Everyday frustrations come to the surface in this side-splitting special from The Last Leg star.


Paul Chowdhry: Live Innit

Find it in Apps & Games > Amazon Prime Video

Comedy icon Chowdhry is back with this Amazon Original special in which he brings his acclaimed tour to the screen.


Russell Peters: Deported

Find it in Apps & Games > Amazon Prime Video

Canadian comic Russell Peters returns to his ancestral homeland of India for this riotous special that sees him riff on his heritage, upbringing, and all manner of topics.


Ed Gamble: Blood Sugar

Find it in Apps & Games > Amazon Prime Video

The comic makes his stand-up special debut with this hilarious set addressing an issue close to Gamble’s hart (literally): diabetes. Funny, informative and not to be missed.

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