What are Virgin Mobile's Family Plans?

With a Virgin Mobile Family Plan, you can manage your family’s mobile contracts from just one account. This makes it easier to keep an eye on the kids’ spending, and lets you pay for everyone on just one bill – keeping things nice and simple. What’s more, you can save money when you add additional numbers. On top of all this, all calls between mobiles on the same Family Plan are free.

Find out all you need to know about Virgin Mobile’s Family Plans right here.

How to get a Family Plan

To sign up to a Virgin Mobile Family Plan, you’ll need Virgin Media TV or broadband. You can check whether you’re eligible for a Family Plan in Your Account.

If you’re eligible and you’d like to get a Virgin Mobile Family Plan, speak to a member of our team.

How does Virgin Mobile Family Plan work?

When you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to add up to 5 mobile numbers to your Family Plan account. As the main account holder, you'll then be able to view the individual mobile plans, manage data and device usage and stay on top of how much is being spent for each number you add using the My Virgin Mobile app – easy-peasy!

You can also keep the family safe with our Online Security features, powered by F-Secure. This is available at no additional cost for 12 whole months. F-Secure includes award winning security features, such as:

  • Time limits: You can block Internet access and lock selected apps at specific times to make sure the kids are getting a healthy amount of screen time.
  • App control: Lets you see what apps your children have installed onto their devices, and apply restrictions if you need to – you can just add a time limit, or even completely block an app.
  • Content blocking: Decide what content you feel is suitable for your child to view by restricting access to certain video content or websites.
  • Finder: With this feature, you can securely locate your child’s device at any time.

On top of all this, you can make big savings. You’ll be rewarded with a £2 monthly discount for every additional new number added to your family plan. But that’s not all - Family Plans also come with unlimited free calls between family members on the account!

How many Family Plans are available?

You can have up to five numbers on one Family Plan. This can be any combination of Sim Only, Freestyle, Classic, Oomph bundles or mobile broadband. You’ll receive a £2 discount for each additional line you add – up to a total of £8.

What is included in the Family Plan?

The Virgin Media Family Plan brings together SIMs, savings and safety – making it easy for Virgin Media cable customers to manage their family’s Virgin Mobile.

With a Virgin Mobile Family Plan, you get:

  • Award-winning F-Secure online security features for keeping the kids safe
  • Easy-peasy billing that lets you manage all bills and payments in one place
  • A £2 monthly discount for each SIM you add to your Virgin Mobile Family Plan up to a total of £8
  • Unlimited free calls between family members on the Family Plan

On top of that, you’ll also get all the usual benefits available to Virgin Mobile customers – such as inclusive roaming in the EU with Roam Like Home, and data rollover.

Check out the full list of Virgin Mobile Family Plan benefits.

Can I add another phone to my Virgin Mobile account?

You can add any of your Family Plan numbers to your Virgin Mobile online account. This makes keeping on top of bills and payments even easier.

To add a Family Plan number to your account:

  1. Log in to Your Account
  2. Select Add another number on the Overview page
  3. Follow the steps to add the new number

How to manage numbers on a Family Plan

It’s easy to manage your Family Plan using the Virgin Mobile App or from Your Account. Whichever you use, you’ll be able to see usage, manage spend caps and purchase Add-Ons for all your Family Plan numbers.

Are there any exclusions?

You’ll need to have Virgin Media broadband or TV to sign up for a Virgin Mobile Family Plan. 30 day SIM Only, and contracts purchased via Carphone Warehouse are excluded from the offer, as are some of our entry level tariffs (See below):

12 month SIM only freestyle airtime data only SIM

  • Below £9 - Ineligible
  • £9 and above - Eligible

Classic plans

  • 1GB data and below - Ineligible
  • Above 1GD data - Eligible

30 day SIM only

  • All - Ineligible

Oomph bundles

  • All - Eligible

How to view your Virgin Mobile Family Plan bill

You can view your Virgin Media Family Plan bill using the Virgin Mobile app or by logging in to your Virgin Mobile account.

What is the contract length for a Family Plan?

You’ll be told the length of your contract when you take out a new SIM. You can then add your new SIM to your Family Plan.

The Family Plan itself doesn’t actually need a contract – it just makes your existing contracts easier to manage and gives you great discounts too.

How to cancel my Virgin Mobile Family Plan

If you’d like to cancel one of the numbers on your Family Plan, simply get in touch and let us know. The other numbers on the Family Plan will not be impacted, but your overall discount will reduce.

Find out about cancelling your Virgin mobile contract.

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