How to repair my Virgin Mobile phone

If there’s a problem with the mobile that you have bought from us... Phone Fix can help.

  1. Choose your device from the list
  2. Answer a few simple questions about the issue
  3. If it’s something we can help you fix yourself, we’ll guide you through
  4. If your device needs to be sent away for repair, we’ll sort that too

Tips for sending your virgin mobile back for repair

How to report a damaged Virgin Mobile phone when abroad

Pack your phone in the box we’ve sent you then pop it into the Royal Mail postal bag and seal it up. It’s really important to use the packaging we provide to return your phone as there are new laws that set out how lithium batteries, like the one in your phone, are transported.

For all repairs we’ll need:

  • Complete Repair Form
  • Mobile phone without the charger or battery (unless it’s fitted in)

If your phone has an issue with powering on or other power related issue we’ll also need your:

  • Phone charger
  • Battery (keep this inside your phone, and make sure your phone is switched off)