How to set up a Virgin Mobile account

Learn all you need to know about setting up and managing your Virgin Mobile account.

How to register a Virgin Mobile account

Step 1
Visit the Your Account registration page

Step 2
Enter your mobile number and select Continue

Step 3
Enter the code we just sent to your mobile (keep in mind, the code’s case sensitive)

Step 4
Confirm your details and answer the security question

Step 5
Enter your email address and create a new password

And you’re all done! A confirmation email will now be sent to you confirming that your account has been successfully set up.

Virgin Mobile account login details

Forgotten you login details and having trouble accessing Your Account? No problem. Find out how to recover your information below.

Having trouble creating Your Account?

If you're having trouble creating an account, then it’s possible that you already have one. If you joined Virgin Mobile online recently, then we’ll probably have set one up for you.

If you've forgotten your details, we’ll help you track them down. Check out Virgin Mobile account login details above for more information.

Can I add another Virgin Mobile number to my account?

If you are the Virgin Mobile number’s account holder, then you can add it to Your Account. To do this:

  • Log in to Your Account
  • Select Add another number on the Overview page
  • Follow the steps to add the new number

Help with my mobile account abroad

If you’re outside the UK and haven’t set your mobile up to use abroad, the text won’t come through to you. To receive texts, you’ll need to switch on roaming, though this can lead to additional costs. Learn more about using your mobile abroad.

We can also reset your account details over the phone. Simply call us on 0345 6000 789 and one of our agents will be happy to help. Standard roaming charges apply, check out our rates, or see our roaming charges.

How to check your mobile account's active after a late payment

The easiest way to check if your account’s still active after a late payment is to try and make an outgoing call and see if it connects. Alternatively, you can log in to Your Account to check your balance and see if the payment has cleared the outstanding amount.

Remember, it can take up to 24 hours after payment for your service to be restored. It’s also really important that you set up your Direct Debit again afterwards, so you don’t miss a payment.

How to register for an O2 Mobile account?

If your household is with both Virgin Media and O2 and you are having problems paying your O2 mobile bill, please head to Payment support on the O2 site or call 202 from your O2 phone or ring 02 payment line on 0800 902 0217* from a landline. You can also pay your O2 bill using My O2

Virgin Mobile account FAQs

Need more help with your Virgin Media account? Check out our handy FAQs below:

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