What is a data allowance?

Gigabytes (GB) of mobile internet (or data) that you’re allowed to use for no extra cost because they’re pre-paid for by your monthly phone bill, as part of your pay monthly plan.

An alternative to WiFi, data connects your phone to our mobile network, letting you browse around online and enjoy the internet – 4G Calling. for example, as well as FaceTime, social media, video and music streaming, downloading movies, using apps and maps. More. All on your smartphone.

What are Virgin Mobile data allowances?

Think 2GB to 5GB of data for casual browsers, our recommended 12GB to 35GB pay monthly plans, as well as big data offers giving 100GB or even unlimited data, so you’re never caught short. Rather than telling you our data allowances are great value for money, let us show you – browse our star deals, SIM only offers or pay monthly phones, if you’re curious.

What’s the cost for going over your data allowance?

£3 a GB, daily in the UK, £4.79 a GB, (daily in the EU) – meaning, you’ll automatically buy 1GB of extra data when you go over your allowance and you can keep this for a single day.

What can I do if I run out of mobile data?

These 3 options prove you’re not doomed to spend a fortune in extra data charges or the rest of the month alone, offline…

How to make your data allowance last longer

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