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What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

If you’ve had your device lost or stolen, then we can:

  • Block your existing SIM so it can’t be used to make any calls
  • Blacklist your phone or mobile device so it can’t be used on any UK network, provided we've got your IMEI number. This is a unique number that allows us to blacklist it. Don’t worry if your device is recovered we can unblock it again

What you need to do 

  1. If you've had your device stolen, we recommend reporting the theft to the local police to get a crime reference number. Most insurance companies will ask for this when making a claim.
  2. Before you contact us, if possible please have your IMEI number for your device. If you can’t get online, then just contact us within 24 hours * of losing your device or having it stolen. Simply text us for free on 07533 016 422 ^ between 8am and 10pm Monday to Sunday, and one of our team will be happy to help.

*If your SIM is lost or stolen and you notify the Team within 24 hours, you will be liable for Charges that are not part of your allowance relating to the unauthorised use of the SIM (including call Charges) up to £100 only. If you notify the Team after 24 hours you will be liable for all Charges relating to use of the SIM (including call Charges) up to the time that you notify us that your SIM is lost or stolen, regardless of whether the Charges have been incurred by you or someone else. You will also continue to be liable for the monthly payment (or other periodic charge) relating to your Contract Allowance until the end of the Minimum Term. If you lose the SIM you might be liable to pay a reasonable replacement charge, details of which are set out in our Tariff Table.
^Note the text is only free for Virgin Mobile customers.

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