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Getting back from holiday after roaming with Virgin Mobile

Get connected - when you switch your phone back on, you should connect to our network again automatically.

Can’t connect?

Try these 3 tips to give your phone a helping hand:

  • Turn your phone off and then back on again
  • Go into your phone settings and select a network manually
  • If your phone has a removable battery, try removing your phone’s battery, while it’s still switched on – this helps reboot it and find a local network

It can take a little while for our network partners abroad to process your charges and pass them through to us. So you may not see the cost of using your phone abroad on your very next bill – it could be the bill after that. If you have any questions about the charges, feel free to get in touch.

Need some help understanding your bill?

Have a peep at our new Bill Explainer online. It’ll talk you through each section, explain our charges, help you understand your bill dates and much more!

If you’ve changed your voicemail diverts while you were away, don’t forget to change them back to how you like them in the UK.

To set up or remove voicemail diverts, just dial your voicemail and choose Message settings then follow the instructions. To adjust the divert settings on your phone see our Virgin Mobile phone support.

Just got back from holiday and have trouble ringing people from your contact list? Are saved contacts’ names not showing when they’re calling you?

This seems to happen to some of our customers with an iPhone. But don’t worry, it’s easy to fix. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Pick Phone
  3. Scroll down to Dial Assist
  4. Turn it off and then on again

You should then be back in action again!

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